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fastron em 90 manual

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fastron em 90 manualBroaster Pressure Fryer 1800 Manual - Pressure Fryer 1800 Manual. L'UTILISATION OU Please take the time now to read this instruction manual for your controller. The new EM-99 FASTRON Controller comes with the SMS software pre-installed. The fryer controller can ensure a consistently cooked, quality product. In an extremely demanding environment, the VC-210 fryer controller delivers a longer life. It has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A computing device pursuant to Subpart B of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection against such interference when operated in a commercial environment. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause interference in which case the user at his own expense will be required to take whatever measures may be required to correct the interference. Thank you for choosing FAST. By selecting this product, you have chosen a product with over 30 years of technology and leadership behind it; a product manufactured by a company committed to quality FAST. Please take the time now to read this instruction manual for your controller. If you have any questions, we maintain a toll-free service help line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply dial: Or send an instant message to a FAST technician. Visit and click on the Support tab for more info. FAST is not liable for any use of product not in accordance with FAST s installation and operating instructions. Before using this equipment or for any questions on the operation of the appliance, consult and follow all instructions and safety warnings found in the appliance operators manual supplied from the manufacturer of the appliance. The 811AXMR-K8G has an additional connector. Plug it into its corresponding connector. NOTE: The 3-pin connector coming from the controller has no corresponding connector. This is reserved for future use. 3. Insert the controller into the fryer header cavity.http://www.gdigbylaw.com/ads-instant-music-manual.xml

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NOTE: A cook cycle can be canceled by pressing the active product key for 3 seconds. Pressing the product key for less than 3 seconds will not cancel the cook cycle. This allows the user to wipe the overlay clean without risk of accidental canceling of the cook cycle. If the cook cycle is canceled during the first 25 of the cook time, the cook cycle simply gets canceled and the display shows COOL. Canceling the cook cycle during the last 75 of the cook time will automatically place the controller into the filter mode or subtract one from its cycle count toward its filter lockout. NOTE: Gas Fail (for 811AXMR-K8G on the Henny Penny Gas Model 682 only) If GAS FAIL shows in the display, unplug the fryer. Plug the fryer back in; it should now heat up. If GAS FAIL still appears in the display, gas is not getting to the igniter or the gas igniter is defective. Unplug the fryer and contact a service representative. Press to toggle between choices. EASt (Eastern) Cntr (Central) tain (Mountain) Pac (Pacific) Press to Exit. Shortening Management is now active and will force a polish when the internal real time clock matches the program values using the code above. USING AUTO POLISH PLSH PLSH (flashing) Strt PLSH audible alarm Strt PLSH Strt PLSH Switch fryer power OFF. This first message appears when the scheduled polish time is reached. The key-press is for acknowledgement. The message will flash if the shortening temperature is low. Remember to stir periodically during this warm-up period. This key-press is to cancel the audible alarm. This key-press to start Polish. Strt PLSH PLSH polish time PLSH polish time Drain the shortening. Insert polish powder. Turn ON filter. Wait until timer expires. After you drain the shortening, the polish timer will begin to count down.This key-press is to cancel the audible alarm. FiLL FiLL Refill fryer with shortening. Computer switches to cool mode. NOTE: Will display time only if display is at COOL or idle. Power switch must be OFF.http://www.synodradomski.pl/userfiles/ads-instant-music-rdx-150-manual.xml Then simultaneously press SCAN and EXIT COOL keys. CdE3 Clock display Adjust military time forward using TEMP, EXIT FILL, or EXIT COOL keys. Press any product key. Product LED lights. Press the same product key again. NOTE: When programming profiles, repeat from previous step until all profile times are programmed. Press SCAN key. P R - - Press SCAN key. Product LED lights. Action alarms are programmed in minutes and seconds. Press a combination of these keys to set the first action alarm time.: X X Press SCAN key. Program the second action alarm (if applicable) using a combination of these keys.: X X Press SCAN key. Press to exit action alarm programming. P R - - Press a second time to exit action alarm programming. Currently programmed temperature will be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Program the cook temperature by using a combination of these keys. When product key is set for profiles, display will show the next profile temperature. Press to exit temperature programming. Programming Timing Mode Straight or Flex P R - - Press SCAN key. Press the HIDDEN key. Currently programmed timing mode will be displayed. Press to toggle choices of ST (straight time) or FL (flex time). Press SCAN key to exit timing mode programming. P R - - Press SCAN key again. P R - - Press SCAN key.Proceed to next step. Press EXIT COOL key to toggle choices. PrPL Program Polish mode will be displayed.Event Time 1 will be displayed. PLt1 Press either key to change Polish Time 1. (:00 to:60 minutes) Delay Time 1 will be displayed dyt1 Press either key to change Delay Time 1. (0 to 8 hours, or unlimited) Event Time 2 will be displayed. Eti2 Press either key to change Event Time 2. (Military time 00:01 to 24:00) Polish Time 2 will be displayed.F Press this key to change temperature mode. Sprn or Fall Press this key to toggle choices of Spring or Fall. Press to display staggered time.:00 (example) Press this key to change Staggered Time. Press to display Setback Temperature.https://labroclub.ru/blog/deutz-914-service-manual 250F Press either key to change Setback Temperature. Press to display Global Filter Lockout. 20 (example) Press either key to change Global Filter Lockout. Pr - - Simultaneous press of keys to exit programming mode. These counters will only be incremented after 25 of the cook cycle has elapsed. This will ensure that the counters represent an accurate representation of the number of heads cooked. It will protect against continually pressing a product key and against accidental cook starts. NOTE: The value of heads cooked for each product key may vary. Each value is preprogrammed for KFC specifications. In the event of a menu change, see the programming section of this manual to change these values. Accessing the Product Counter from Operating Mode Viewing Number of Heads Cooked for the Day XXXd xxx is the number of heads cooked for the day. This counter should be cleared once a day by the user. Press to reset the counter to zero. XXXh XXX is the total number of heads cooked since last shortening change. The counter should be reset every time the shortening is changed. Viewing Number of Heads Cooked (in hundreds) by the Fryer Controller Press to display total. XXXt XXX is the total number of heads cooked, in hundreds. This counter cannot be reset by the user. Press to return to normal operating mode. Specifically, the following relates to the software designed and implemented for use at KFC in conjunction with Magnesol Filter Aid. The new EM-99 FASTRON Controller comes with the SMS software pre-installed but not active. The EM-99, therefore, will operate identically to the previous generation EM-90 controller with no change whatsoever until such time as the SMS software is activated. Users will notice that the product keys now also have a number in the lower right hand corner, as well as numbers on two of the function keys, designated numbers 0 through 9. Also, users will notice two blue triangles and two red circles for polish now and polish later functions, which are not active until such time as the SMS software has been turned on. The SMS software when turned on has the following functionality: 1. Real Time Clock The Real Time Clock is used to track the actual time of day in the location of operation. It is programmed for Eastern Standard Time USA at our factory and can be adjusted in the field through access codes provided in the programming manual. 2. Polish Events There are two distinct polishing events. Each polishing event is programmable for a time at which the polish commands are initiated. When initiated, the Real Time Clock tracks the actual time of day and at the programmed event time will lock the fryer into a polish routine. Prompts on the controller prompt the operator through the polish sequence for a predetermined amount of time. At the end of the polish sequence, the operator is prompted to refill the fry vat similarly to a filter lockout scenario. See user instructions for further details on the operation of the polish software with the step-by-step instructions taking you through a polish sequence. Please see programming instructions if provided to you for information regarding how to program the various aspects of the SMS polish lockout software. Polish Event: There are 2 events. An event is a polish sequence. Daylight Savings Time: Some countries have a one hour change to their clocks in the Spring and Fall to allow for more daylight hours. Stagger Times: (This is for the 2 nd event only) Some operators prefer all the fryers to enter polish at the same time. In this case, all fryers start beeping at the same time and the need to polish is obvious. The delay command can then be used to delay those fryers that are needed for cooking. Other operators prefer a staggering of the Polish activation time (less noise in the kitchen, and can polish in a sequence). Staggered time programming as described in this manual allows the operator to quickly and easily customize their preference without accessing the other polish programmable parameters. Staggers are available in 15-minute increments from the set polish time up 45 minutes. Polish Now: The polish now command is active at all times once the event times are activated. If a Polish Now is entered and completed within 3 hours of a scheduled event polish time, the event polish time will be canceled. This allows an operator to polish a fryer and get credit for the polish before the actual polish command sounds. Polish Later: The polish later command is active at all times UNLESS the delay time is programmed to ZERO. The polish later command is used if a fryer has entered the polish command, yet it is needed to produce product at that time. The delay time programmed will start counting, and at the end of the delay time the operator will be forced to polish the shortening. The delay can only be activated once. Turn On SMS Default Event Times: This code will activate the SMS function and set the default times of the two polish events. Note there are 2 code options, one for morning and afternoon, and the other for afternoon and evening. The codes can only be used three times. After that, to change, you will need to enter complete programming instructions to make any modifications. Turn Off SMS Default Event Times: You must enter the complete programming area and set the event times 1 and 2 to 00:00. 24 FEATURE DESCRIPTIONS Secure Filter Lockout After a predetermined number of cook cycles, the controller will automatically go to Filter Lockout. Once the filtering is complete, FILL will appear in the display. Press EXIT FILL to exit to Filter mode. The controller will then default to COOL mode. Press EXIT COOL to return to the operating mode. See programming instructions to adjust the predetermined number of cycles. Global Filter Lockout This is the maximum number of cycles cooked allowed system wide before mandatory Filter Lockout is engaged. See programming instructions to adjust pre-determined number of cycles system wide. Forced Filter Lockout During the operating mode, pressing the EXIT FILL key for 3 seconds will force the fryer and controller to lock out. Once the filtering is complete, press the EXIT FILL key to return to COOL mode. Cool Mode Automatically goes to the Cool or Stand-by mode after filtering. This mode conserves energy and shortening. Press the EXIT COOL key to return to the operating mode. Fryer Recovery Test From the fryer start up, the (FASTRON.) automatically tracks the amount of time it takes the fryer to heat up. The (FASTRON.) starts tracking the time from 250 degrees Fahrenheit until the fryer reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps to determine the fryer s efficiency. This can be accessed by pressing the HIDDEN key. This is automatically reset on the next fryer start up. Multiple Cook Starts Product keys with the same starting cook temperatures. All LEDs will light up, allowing any product keys with the same start temperature to be activated at the same time. NOTE: If a product key is activated containing profiles, Multiple Cook Starts are not available. 25 Customer Service and Technical Assistance Our customer service department is available for orders and questions Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM EST by calling toll-free at FASTRON ( ). Toll-free technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling (from the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean) when help is needed immediately. Warranty Statement FAST provides a limited one-year warranty for its products (except probes and hoses for which the period is 90 days). A copy of the exact provisions of this warranty and the other terms and conditions of sale are available upon request. Plus licensed patents: 4,437,159 4,549,527 4,663,710 4,672,540 4,858,119 Free Program for Service Exchanges FAST provides an Exchange Program, at no extra cost, if a unit should fail. In the event of failure, the Customer has the option of (1) receiving from our factory, freight prepaid, a replacement product; (2) exchanging the failed product for a replacement product at one of our authorized local service centers; or (3) selecting on-site repair or replacement of the failed unit by one of our authorized local service centers. Simply call our toll-free customer service number, If the customer elects to receive an exchange unit from the factory, a replacement unit will be sent immediately. Upon receipt of the replacement unit, the customer simply returns the failed unit to the factory, freight prepaid, using the same carton and packing material in which the replacement unit was shipped. The unit will be replaced free of charge, if still under warranty, and if the product shows no evidence of abuse or alteration. If the unit is not under warranty, the Customer will pay repair charges and shipping costs to and from the factory. If the Customer should elect on-site repair and the unit is under warranty, the Customer will not be required to pay the costs of reasonable on-site labor, but will be required to pay the service agency s travel charges to and from the on-site location. Any minor adjustment or calibration and any labor costs for the replacement of probes will be made at the Customer s expense. H, Printed in the U.S.A Food Automation - Service Techniques, Inc. User s Manual WELCOME, Safety Tips Initial setup Setting the time. Setting the temperature You have purchased a high quality, German designed and manufactured heating device, which will give you soft Owner s Manual All rights reserved.Examples include: Power outage Change batteries Internet down in your Owner s Manual Installation Manual (GCS632U) All Rights Reserved. PKG-M0089b IOGEAR, the IOGEAR logo, MiniView, VSE are Be sure to read the directions carefully and completely. Before Owner s Manual Quick Guider After getting this alarm system, you need to do the following System Types Table of Contents Use for reminders such as medical conditions, medication, All Rights Reserved.We understand the importance User s Manual Model RH520 Programmable 9 x 32 digit phone numbers for each trigger. 10 second User s Manual User Guide The Master Beep Alarm (optional) Electro-Luminescent (EL) back light (for viewing display at Beep Alarm (optional) Electro-Luminescent (EL) back light (for viewing display at night). Second Clock (great when traveling in a different The alarm panel is capable of extensive User s Manual This thermostat can be used for hot water radiant You and your friends will User s Manual Please read Part 1 Important Owner s Manual 1 Please read this user s guide before installing, setting up, and using your new weather Global Reach with a Local Touch All Rights Reserved. PKG-M0089 IOGEAR, the IOGEAR logo, MiniView, VSE are User s Manual. Profile For a better understanding of this product, please read this user manual thoroughly before using it. All rights reserved. Kinivo is a trademark of Kinivo LLC. Bluetooth word mark and the Bluetooth logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth Clear Used to edit numbers when pre-dialling or when All rights reserved. Bluetooth word mark and the Bluetooth logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth KX-T7665 When using the KX-T7665, keep the following conditions in mind. If there is any problem, unplug the extension Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause All Rights Reserved. Table of Contents Frame Control Close-up. Package Contents. Getting Started. Supports three types of 3 wire generator control Print Version 017 Model: CBH515-OD PLEASE READ BEFORE OPERATING THIS EQUIPMENT. Model: CBH515-OD FCC INFORMATION: This equipment has been Earthmate GPS BT-20. Bluetooth A COMMANDER SERIES REMOTE CONTROL ENTRY SYSTEM Thank you for purchasing the CMD-8000 Commander from Dakota Digital. This, along with many other products that Dakota Digital has These limits are The 6000 series will meet your business needs whether your Cooler is Better! TM. Used in UL Listed Door Panel Assemblies All rights reserved. Windows and the Windows logo are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are the If you should ever have any questions or concerns about this product, feel free to contact us. Our phone number, web To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy, including cookie policy. Soul Searching Optional. Business Development Finding customers or clients Setting up a business Career Development Climbing the career ladder How to profile yourself. Spiritual Development Meditation Religion The new EM-99 FASTRON Controller comes with the SMS software pre-installed but not active. 1 Apr 2017 This manual should be retained in a convenient location for future reference. A wiring Post in a prominent location, instructions to be followed if user smells gas. Please see example Safe Work Method Statement below.The EM-99 13 Jul 2006 consult and follow all instructions and safety warnings found in the appliance operators’ Remove the two (2) screws from the bezel securing the (FASTRON.) controller in the.We just aim to inspire personal and professional development through providing inspirational and thought provoking information. If you require personal or professional development advice we recommend that you contact one of the coaches or mentors in the Amarantine Directory. Amarantine Magazine, a division of PenCraft Books Limited, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX, UK Registered in England and Wales: 10666673. VC-210 Controller pdf manual download. 10-product cooking controller with enhanced sms (20 pages) Controller FASTRON. VISION Series Programming Manual. Displays programming and cook cycle View and Download Fastron Meridian MEC-110 operating instructions manual online. 10-Product Cooking Controller with ENHANCED SMS. Meridian MEC-110 Controller pdf manual do. Pitco Frialator Oil Pump Bunn H10X-80-208 Hot Water Dispenser Download Report View 225RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT AUCTION Saturday May 5, 2018 1401 US Highway 59, Atchison, Kansas Starting at 10:00 A.M. Hobart 20 qt. Mixer Sharp R-25JT Microwave 2100W 2-LDI Exhaust Hood 119 LDI Exhaust Hood 36 Blodgett XCEL X50ec Oven Fastron EM-99 SMS Fryer Fastron EM-90 Fryer 2-Henny Penny PFG-690 Pressure Fryer Fastron EM-99 SMS Double Fryer Bevles CS82-CH8 Hot Holding Cabinet 2-Blodgett CTB Ovens, on stainless steel table Carter-Hoffman Bun Holding Cabinet KFCEVOBH208 Carter-Hoffman Side Holding Cabinet Carter-Hoffman CNH28LP Crisp N Hold Crispy Food Station Prince Castle 297-T9 Vertical Toaster Roundup TBS-2X Double Steamer Duke MFG. In order to expand his business the equipment will be offered at auction AS IS with no guarantee. If equipment cannot be removed day of auction, you will have to make an appointment for pickup. Everything must be removed by May 15, 2018. Nothing removed until settled for. Not responsible for accidents or theft. Statements made day of auction take precedence. Installing the (FASTRON.) VC-210. Controller. 22 May 2017 New Products. VC-210 Controller pdf manual download.This manual will explain what you have to do to get the (FASTRON.) VC-210 Process Controller operational and what tools. 25 Jun 2008 operators' manual supplied from the manufacturer of the appliance.Call us toll-free at 1-800-FasTrOn (800-327-8766) if you're in the US Controller with a (FASTRON.) VC-210 on the Installing a VC-210 on Henny Penny Fryers. Si necesita su domicilio y numero telefonico, contacte el Centro de Mantenimiento y Reparaciones o llame a la fabrica. En la cubierta de este manual hallara el telefono de servicio directo de Frymaster. Para agilizar su pedido, tenga preparada esta informacion: Numero de modelo Tipo Numero de serie Tipo de gas Tipo de problema Otra informacion que pueda ser util para resolver el problema. 1.3 SERVICIO POSTVENTA: Numero de modelo Tipo Numero de serie Tipo de gas Numero de pieza Cantidad necesaria Para mejorar el servicio, pida al personal de servicio Frymaster autorizado que instalo este sistema que complete la siguiente informacion. Todas las unidades se envian completamente ensambladas con los accesorios embalados dentro del recipiente de la freidora. Las unidades se ajustan, prueban e inspeccionan en fabrica antes de su envio. En este manual se indican los tamanos, pesos y velocidades de entrada de todos los modelos. Estan dotadas de un cable de potencia flexible de puesta a tierra 163 SJT para una conexion directa a la fuente de alimentacion. El amperaje para cada unidad depende de los accesorios suministrados con la misma. Vea las instrucciones detalladas enviadas con la freidora. 2.2 OPERACION BASICA: El gas entrante fluye a traves de orificios y se mezcla con el aire en los quemadores para crear la relacion correcta para una combustion apropiada. La mezcla es encendida en el extremo delantero de cada tubo calefactor por la llama del mechero. Cuando la llama pasa por el tubo del quemador, es ralentizada por los difusores internos. Esta llama mas lenta y turbulenta transfiere mejor el calor a las paredes de los tubos, calentado mejor el aceite. PRECAUCION Las ordenanzas para la construccion locales prohiben normalmente que se instale una freidora con un deposito de aceite caliente abierto cerca de cualquier tipo de llama abierta, ya sea una parrilla o el quemador abierto de un horno. 2.3 PLACA DE DATOS: Se encuentra en la esquina interior derecha del panel de la puerta delantera. Esta unidad ha sido disenada para las siguientes instalaciones: 1. Todas las que no sean para uso domestico; 3 2. Instalacion en piso no combustible equipada con pies ajustables de 15 cm (6 pulg.) o ruedecillas de 13 cm (5 pulg.) suministrados por fabrica; 3. Construccion combustible con un espacio minimo de 15 cm (6 pulg.) en los lados y 15 cm (6 pulg.) en la parte posterior y equipada con pies ajustables de 15 cm (6 pulg.) o ruedecillas de 13 cm (5 pulg.) suministradas por fabrica. e. No use nunca el interior del gabinete de la freidora como lugar de almacenamiento ni almacene productos en anaqueles situados encima o detras de la freidora. Las temperaturas de los humos de escape pueden exceder los 425?C y pueden danar o derretir esos productos. f. Mantenga una distancia adecuada desde la boca de salida de la freidora al extremo inferior del banco de filtros. Mantenga una distancia minima de 45 cm entre la(s) boca(s) de salida y el borde inferior del filtro de la campana de evacuacion de aire. g. Los filtros y canales de goteo deben formar parte de cualquier campana industrial, pero consulte los codigos locales antes de construir e instalar cualquier campana. El sistema de conductos, la campana de evacuacion y el banco de filtros se deben limpiar regularmente y estar libres de grasa. 2.5 SUMINISTRO DE AIRE Y VENTILACION: Mantenga el area alrededor de la freidora despejada para evitar la obstruccion del flujo de aire de combustion y ventilacion y para facilitar el servicio y mantenimiento. a. No conecte esta freidora a un conducto extractor. b. Una instalacion y ajuste correctos aseguraran que el aire fluya adecuadamente al sistema de la freidora. La entrada apropiada es de 2 m3 por hora por kw de gas suministrado. c. Una freidora comercial para servicio pesado debe eliminar los humos de combustion al exterior del edificio. Compruebe el movimiento del aire durante la instalacion. Si en el momento de recibir el pedido del cliente se conoce la altitud de operacion, se instalaran los orificios correctos en fabrica. 2.7 ENTREGA Y DESEMBALAJE: Compruebe que la caja este en posicion vertical. Desembale la freidora con cuidado y retire todos los accesorios de la caja. No los tire ni los pierda porque los necesitara mas adelante. Luego de desembalar el equipo, examinelo inmediatamente para determinar si muestra indicios de haber sufrido danos durante el envio. Si ha sufrido danos, pongase en contacto con el transportista y formalice las reclamaciones apropiadas. No llame a la fabrica porque la responsabilidad de los danos de envio es del transportista o del distribuidor o usuario final. 4 3. INSTALACION Si recibe el equipo danado: 3.1 UBICACION: a. Formalice inmediatamente una reclamacion por danos, independientemente de la extension de los mismos. a. Instalacion inicial: Si instala la freidora con pies, no la empuje para colocarla en posicion. Use una plataforma o gato de palanca para levantarla un poco y colocarla en el lugar de instalacion. b. Perdida o danos visibles: Asegurese de indicarlo en la factura de envio o recibo expreso y que la persona encargada del envio lo firme. b. Reubicacion de la freidora: Para trasladar una freidora con pies instalados, debera levantarla. No deslice la freidora sobre los pies. c. Perdida o danos ocultos: Si no nota los danos hasta que desembala el equipo, notifique inmediatamente a la compania de transporte o transportista, y formalice una reclamacion por danos ocultos. Esto debe efectuarse en los quince (15) dias a partir de la recepcion del equipo. Asegurese de conservar la caja para inspeccionarla. Si dana uno de los pies, llame a su agente de servicio para reparalo o sustituirlo inmediatamente. PRECAUCION Si no asegura la freidora en una posicion estable, esta puede volcar causando lesiones personales. Antes de trasladar la freidora retire toda la grasa ya que, de no hacerlo, podria sufrir graves quemaduras. La unidad no puede instalarse directamente sobre el piso, sino que deben usarse los pies o ruedecillas suministrados. Si es posible, use una plataforma o gato para elevar y colocar la freidora en posicion. Si inclina la freidora, puede danar los pies. c. Inserte el tornillo de rosca de la ruedecilla en el acomplamiento de soporte del pie. Sujete la base de la ruedecilla y apriete la ruedecilla a mano, girandola en sentido de las manecillas del reloj hasta que quede ajustada contra el conjunto de soporte del pie. f. Prosiga con el paso 3.4, Nivelacion, para asegurar que la freidora este nivelada antes de usarla. d. Apriete la ruedecilla contra el conjunto de soporte del pie usando una llave inglesa con extremo abierto de 18 mm. ?ADVERTENCIA! PRECAUCION El ajuste de los pies no debe exceder de 22 mm (1 pulg.); de lo contrario la unidad se volvera inestable y puede volcar. Cuando traslade la freidora asegurese de que este a la temperatura ambiente, que no contenga aceite y, si tiene los pies instalados, levantela para evitar causar danos materiales o personales.El piso donde se instale la freidora debera estar nivelado. 3.3 RUEDECILLAS: a. Instale las ruedecillas cerca del lugar donde usara la freidora, ya que estas no son aptas para desplazamientos largos. La freidora no puede instalarse directamente sobre el piso, sino que deben usarse los pies o ruedecillas suministrados. b. Luego de desembalar la unidad, use una plataforma o gato para levantarla aproximadamente un pie (30 cm) del piso antes de instalar los pies. Apriete la ruedecilla con una llave inglesa de extremo abierto de 18mm 3.4 NIVELACION: a. General: Coloque un nivel de burbuja de aire de carpintero en la parte superior de la freidora y nivele la unidad de la parte frontal a la posterior y de lado a lado. Si no esta nivelada, es posible que la unidad no funcione eficientemente, el aceite no se drenara bien durante la filtracion y, si se instala en una fila de freidoras, no estara a la misma altura que las unidades contiguas. Instalacion de la ruedecilla en el conjunto de soporte del pie 6 b. Pies (solamente): 3.