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cashiers training manual

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cashiers training manualThis is, after all, the moment that everything else in retail is working towards. As such, it’s obvious that your cashiers must be well trained so that everything goes smoothly. The first is the way that a store like Walmart approaches it: sales associates spend the whole of a shift behind the register, ringing whoever queues, but not leaving the desk until they’re told to. The second is the way that many mall stores, like Ann Taylor, will do: sales associates will ring customers as necessary. Nowadays, those sales associates may not even get behind a desk to ring but may use a mobile POS to ring right on the floor. Your cashier will need to smile and greet customers if they haven’t previously been working with the customer on the floor. They need to be equipped to get your customers’ shopping experiences off to a positive start, as well as answer their questions and direct them around the store. They should also be trained to ask customers if they’re interested in purchasing whatever small cross-sell you keep at the desk (think gift cards or trinkets). For this interaction, you may want to provide scripts, like Church’s Chicken does. So, you’ll have to be sure they’re prepared with the skills (mainly active listening skills) to diffuse situations and turn your angry customer into a happy one. Be sure to arm your cashiers with “phrases of courtesy.” Renee Evenson, the author of Powerful Phrases for Effective Customer Service, suggests such phrases as “I apologize” or “Will you?” instead of “You will” can make a big difference in dealing with an angry customer. A cashier who doesn’t know store policy will cost you a lot of money in discounts, fraudulent returns, or manager hours. After all, a good store will, in the name of customer service, take late returns or offer certain discounts when presented with the right circumstances.http://aviafond.ru/userfiles/daewoo-koc9q4t-instruction-manual.xml

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The skills involved here will be, among other things: They’re famous for not bagging their items because it looks too much like a regular retail store, and they prefer to seem more exclusive. Ultimately, your cashiers will be the employees responsible for providing this part of the experience, and so they must know how to package or bag your products according to your branding. For your most trusted cashiers, you will likely want to teach them how to close out a register and run some sales reports. Some businesses find it most efficient for all their cashiers to be able to close out. This will save you some time, but it will also ensure that you help employees of all learning styles actually get your software down pat. Giving your cashiers sheets or flashcards to help their memorization during off-hours can be a helpful training practice. For reference, here are flashcards for Kroger’s PLUs. You can walk your new cashier through a practice sale or two on an empty register. Also, walk them through a practice return! Cashiers face a lot of different and often unexpected situations throughout the day and the only real way to learn is to observe or participate in them. Your best cashier can explain how policy and technical uses of the POS get applied depending on what a customer is buying or returning. It’s best to set them up during off-peak hours, perhaps wearing a badge that lets customers know this cashier is brand new (and asks for their patience). And even when that person stops actively shadowing, they should remain close by when the new cashier has a question (as they inevitably will). But here are some tips that you should definitely use with your cashiers. In the words of Bob Phibbs, retail expert, “the more role-playing your team has under their belt, the less likely they’ll sell from their own wallet, give bad customer service, or be stymied by some of the more margin-improving retail sales techniques like adding-on.http://yifff.se/userfiles/daewoo-koc-960p-manual.xml” (Bob’s tips on role-playing can be found here.) I say this because when I worked the floor at a women’s clothing store, there were at least a few older employees who never figured out how to work the POS software in their months of employment. It creates more work for your other cashiers and can run up real lines and make customers needlessly angry. You can be generous here, but something like 40 hours is a very reasonable amount of time it should take for someone to get up and running on easy-to-use software. In this resource, you will learn the 7 secrets to find a reliable POS system, and avoid the costly mistakes most retailers make when choosing a new retail platform. A strong interaction with a cashier can leave a lasting impression on a customer and drive their loyalty. She writes about trends, tips, and other cool things that enable retailers to increase sales, serve customers better, and be more awesome overall. She's also the author of Retail Survival of the Fittest, a free eBook to help retailers future-proof their stores. The benefits of well-trained cashiers include more accuracy and less fraud, a balanced cash drawer at the end of the shift, shorter lines, and happier customers. The cash register training tips below will help you train cashiers for better efficiency, smoother onboarding, fraud reduction, and handling angry customers effectively. Point-of-sale software designed to grow with you. Get started The following cash register training tips help streamline the checkout process, which is good for customers and your business’s bottom line. Square’s secure, free POS app is designed for speed and ease of use, and runs on Apple and Android devices. Or better still, switch to a POS with digital receipts. If you put coins on top of bills, they can slide off onto the floor. Practice making purchases, going through the entire payment flow. Have each new hire cancel transactions to practice issuing refunds. For example, who unlocks the safe and who signs off on the money. Decide your business’s tolerance for cash shortages and communicate it to your cashiers. If you swipe EMV chip cards, your business could be on the hook for some kinds of fraud. Square’s point of sale and retail POS system has secure employee permissions. This is especially important if cashiers accept credit card information over the phone or keep paper records. To make sure you’re compliant, use a secure system like our Card on File payments or Virtual Terminal to safely store or bill credit cards for repeat clients. Have a clear, approved way of handling upset customers. During cash register training, discuss the process and role play — first with the new hire as the angry customer and the experienced cashier demonstrating how to defuse the situation. Then switch roles. Offer constructive feedback afterwards. Take deep breaths and remember not to take it personally. Angry customers have something to get off their chest, so before jumping in with solutions, hear what they have to say. Use good, open body language, including sitting or standing up straight with your arms uncrossed, and maintain good eye contact. Repeat the customer’s key complaint back to them so you make sure you understand what they’re unhappy about. (“So I’m hearing you say that you bought a muffin here and when you took it home you noticed it was moldy. Is that right?”) If I was looking forward to eating something I’d just bought and it was already bad, I’d be really annoyed, too.”) It’s a big deal to them, otherwise they wouldn’t be upset about it, and you want to keep them as a customer. (“I’m so sorry this happened to you. Let’s see what we can do to make it right.”) If someone bought a product that didn’t work, you can give them a refund or offer them a similar product to replace it. In the case of the muffin, you can offer them a fresh one and throw in a free coffee.http://heidelberg-schloss.com/images/cash-register-sam4s-manual.pdf You can also ask the customer what they would like you to do to help make amends. (Know what you’re allowed to offer on your own and what you’d need manager approval for.) If the situation escalates, get a more senior employee, such as the shift manager, to help resolve things. A few minutes of down time, like a walk around the block or a quick chat with coworkers, can help you bounce back emotionally and feel ready to get back to helping customers. The Square Editorial Team is dedicated to telling stories of business, for business owners. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and share a passion for providing information that helps businesses to start, run, and grow. The team is based in San Francisco, but has collaborators all over the country. Related Content Tips for Training Your Employees on Square Make sure your employees have all the information they need to successfully accept Square payments, even if you’re not there. 4 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Land Your Dream Employee Four surprising ways to ensure your job post grabs the attention of top talent, based on ZipRecruiter internal research. 5 Tips for Successful Customer Interactions Looking for ways to keep your customers coming back. Shift Changeover Procedures Pg 14 IV.Wildcat- Floor View should also be displayed. To access this log in to Wildcat and select Manager on the top menu bar and then select Floor View Cashier Training Manual 3 To access this log in to Wildcat and select Manager on the top menu bar and then select Floor View Check the autoprint is on (automatically prints all payouts to printer) by clicking on cashier in the top menu, next to manager. Click autoprint. Dirol Recount the cashier float The Cashier Shift Report is used as an ongoing tally of the money in cashiers. Sheet 1- Tally completed by Clearance person Sheet 2- Tally completed by the Cashier when they begin their shift Sheet 3- Tally for the Day shift (completed at shift changeover) Sheet 4- Tally for the Night shift (completed on close) Using Sheet 2, tally up in cashier float. If there are any variances they are recorded. Ensure that you print the sheet and put the date, time, cashier and DM name (signed at end of day). Cashier Training Manual 4 You can manually enter in promos. I.e. Footy Friday gaming promo can be put down as daily promo. Your cash payouts are added to the total- this is all the manual payouts for the day Simplay is no longer in use, however some patrons are still manually redeeming their money- this has to be added manually All hopper fill machine numbers must be recorded in the Hopper Fills section Total payouts are entered here. The total payout total is located on the last payout voucher. The daily progress total located at the bottom of the voucher shows this amount Cashier Training Manual 5 Each morning you will need to bundle coins and notes up to ensure speed with giving out change. Once you become more experienced in cashier you will know how much you will need. Aim for a few of each coin denomination and at least 10 lots of notes (small) of each denomination. If there are any discrepancies let management know. Change over the money to the denominations listed on the inside of the tin. Check that is the amount of money you have in the tin. If there are any discrepancies consult the duty manager. Debbie and Brad will reconcile the money as required. If you are low in money advise them. II. DAILY PROCEDURES A) General Cashier Information The cashiers must be staffed at all times. The door to cashiers must be closed at all times The cashier may be asked to say messages over the PA system from time to time. The cashier must also assist with phones if the receptionist is busy The Strong room float is balanced and verified by the duty manager and locked away for the day. If you require change or money from the strong room you must contact the Duty Manager. The cashier is responsible for dispensing all money throughout the club including; floats, payouts and change. It is important to keep focused and record all transactions (if required). Cashier Training Manual 6 Then select Pager Messages, followed by Pager Zones in the top menu bar. Select the pager you are activating (Pager 1, 2 or 3). Drag the pager across into Zone 1 or Zone 2 depending on how many pagers you have active. Cashier Training Manual 7 All vouchers redeemed must be placed in the promo basket in cashiers. The member must sign the voucher and you must sight the member s card. These vouchers are only given put on Wednesday morning bingo and Sunday Bingo Turbo Money- The members swipe machine may print Club Cash Vouchers (Turbo Money). Staff should ask for both their member s card and photo ID. The patron will need to sign the voucher. We have previously had occurrences where someone will find a member s card in a machine and go swipe it at the foyer to redeem their swipe voucher, or they have found another member s voucher and tried to redeem it. Be mindful of this happening. The person on promotions will come to the Cashier Training Manual 8. At the end they will give you the consolation sheet to be placed with your daily sheets. Bingo Bucks- Sometimes when bingo finishes, patrons are given an entry into Bingo Bucks. Daily Promotions- each day of the week there are daily gaming promotions after bingo from till approximately 2pm to encourage bingo patrons to stay and play the poker machines. The person on promotions will have a daily promotions sheet which they will record all money given out and hand to you at the end of the promotions for recording in the Cashier Shift Report. A copy of the sheet is taken and given to reception aswell. The cheque cannot be cashed in until 24 hours later (the following day). To cash a cheque; 1) Check that the date on the cheque is at least the day before s date. 2) Ask the patron for their member card and photo ID to check against the cheque. 3) Ask the patron to write Please pay BLC and sign on the back of the cheque 4) Place the cheque in your float draw. The duty manager will take the cheque and swap it for cash from the strongroom. Cashier Training Manual 10 If there is a fault ask a gaming attendant to look at the machine. A gaming attendant may also notice a fault and ask you to check the machine on Floor View to see the status. If the error cannot be fixed firstly call MaxGaming (deals with the software). To call MaxGaming, click on the phonebook on the phone and click down until you get to MaxGaming. Pick up the hand piece and it will automatically start dialing. They will ask you for; Venue Number: 650 Fault type: I.e. hopper disconnected Serial Number: Look in the gaming machine list in the faults book. Next to the machine number will be the serial number (otherwise the serial number if located on the metal plate on the side of the gaming machine) Write down the job number they give you in the faults book In the faults book you must record; Date; Floor No; Plate No; Fault; Job; Staff Member; Outcome; Fixed Date; DM initial If MaxGaming cannot repair the fault they will forward you on to Bytecraft (deals with the hardware). Bytecraft will come out as soon as they can to repair the machine. G) Writing a receipt and payments 1. On Wednesday mornings Brothers Cricket Club holds a bingo session in the range room. A representative of the club will come to cashiers. The representative will write Please pay BLC and sign the back of the cheque. A cheque requisition must be done with Donation-Venue Hire as the detail. Cross out the payout details section as you do not need this. A receipt must be written up in the receipt book, recording the venue hire. The cheque is banked in the green banking bag. The Till count sheet should be marked cheque and Brothers Cricket Club Venue Hire for the details of the float. 2. Performers employed by BLC (I.e. Band in sports bar on Friday night) will come to cashiers to collect their payment for the night. You will need to write the performer a cheque. A cheque requisition needs to be written for the cheque. Under details write Payment for entertainer and cross out the payout details section. The performer should provide you will a receipt or invoice to put in Brad s tray. This money is allocated for any small purchases that staff and management may make. For example, a duty manager purchased cash tins for a fundraiser. The person must provide the itemised receipt to be placed in the cash tin. Cashier Training Manual 11 The check is to be placed in the cashier float, where it will be swapped by the duty manager for cash from the strongroom later. On the cheque requisition detail section write Keno Cash In. Place the completed cheque requisition in Brad s tray. J) Eftpos Cash Out On a rare occasion a patron may request cash out from reception (if ATM s not working). If reception does not have the cash the eftpos receipt in brought to cashiers for the cash. The patron is given the cash and the eftpos receipt goes to the promo basket. The eftpos amount is recorded in the Cashier s Shift Report under Promos- EFTPOS. Management will normally witness the report. Cashier Training Manual 12 Once checked write checked byyour name and sign 5) Do a general tidy up of the cashier s box at least once per week. This involves using a rag and hot soapy water and wiping over all surfaces- including under printers etc. 6) Photocopy originals of till count sheets or cheque requisitions M) Checking Active Cards in gaming area The cashier may be asked the active cards in gaming machines for two reasons; 1) A member has left a card in a machine and would like to know which machine they left it in 2) Random members will be selected for the gaming promotions. Cashier Training Manual 13 Empty the tin and count the money. Change over the coins for notes where possible. Fill out the Till count sheet and place the sheet and money in the banking bag. Swap the money in the tin with the cashier float to ensure that it has the denominations listed on the inside of the tin. III. Shift Changeover When the day cashier attendant is leaving and the night cashier attendant is coming on for the night a Cashier Shift Report must completed. The new cashier attendant will come into the cashier box and count the money with the day cashier attendant. It is important that the new cashier also checks the money as this will impact their total at the end of the night if the day cashier is out. IV. Closing Procedures A) Count Cashier Float- At the end of the night the cashier will count all the money in cashiers and complete the Sheet 4 Cashier Shift Report. All the shift reports must be checked by the duty manager and signed at the end of the night. Dirol Promo Vouchers- place all promo vouchers in an envelope and write Promos and the date on the front. Do not put eftpos receipts in here. C) Bad notes- If possible swap all bad notes with the duty manager from the strongroom float. The amount over is banked and if under the duty manager will replenish. (This isn t done until clearance the following morning when cashiers is reimbursed, if it is down it is left down) E) Shut down computers Cashier Training Manual 14 You need to right click the desired machine and then click on the hopper fill menu from the drop down box Cashier Training Manual 15 This will print off the hopper refill docket and allow the hopper to then be refilled. Cashier Training Manual 16 To do this you must first: You need to right click on the desired machine and click on events in the drop down menu. Cashier Training Manual 17 If the time is generally over 5mins we are able to remove the ezy break from the machine. As pre the gaming accord we are able to do this. It is located next to cashiers in the event a patron questions the actions of someone who removes ezy break. Cashier Training Manual 18 First you must disable auto print in the cashiers menu (this will disable all payouts so you have to be relatively quick in these steps). Then in the cashiers menu in wildcat There should be a button that says reprint. Go into this menu and you will see something like this. In this menu there is a list of previous payouts, generally the missing payout should be in this list. Click on the desired payout and then click reprint again to re print the missing docket. Once this docket is reprinted it will not add to the total amount for the payouts, as it is a reprint. The docket number will be different but that is all not the total amount. Cashier Training Manual 19 Cashier Training Manual 20 Two clubs, one membership. Double your fun Double your chances Double your fun Double your chances Brothers Leagues Club Townsville Golf Links Drive, Kirwan 4817 PO Box 1326 Please check back often to stay Internal Desktop Access Each mode offers a different level of functionality. Business Mobile Banking App o Business Online Banking The End of Day Wizard is designed to guide you through the steps needed to balance the Register(s) and verify Programs include Adult Education It is the final phase of the guest cycle and examines the various activities involved in checkout and settlement. This effort Quick Reference The donations are consolidated into one sealed Purchase Ordering and Payment for Goods and Services Policy Internal Controls and Responsibilities Fiscal Year 2009-10 Page 2 of 81 Table of Contents WELCOME TO REVEL SYSTEMS RETAIL SERVICE. 5 STARTING YOUR WORK. 6 Logging In to Your POS. 7 Refreshing the POS Settings. 8 Clocking In and Note 2: One slot route operator s employee may be used to fill the employee You will however have Unit Income and Cash Handling Policy It has been compiled by tribal regulators, Class II gaming operators, DATE: July 15, 2011 Setup: To configure TCS reservations for use with Shift 4 UTG. First install the Shift4 UTG The list is not allinclusive, but intended to clarify common gaming terminology. ACCESS - The ability to Including Split Bill app. Version 2.0 In fact, you can pay bills from over 2,100 suppliers. Display Bingo License, Seller s Permit, Game Prizes and Bingo Card Prices. The Bingo sessions are the first and third Wednesdays of the month. It is the responsibility Different browsers and operating systems may April 2014 Table of Contents Introduction and Purpose An ipad Mini will also be acceptable. The CONNECT.IT BYO Device requirements from the Department This Guide will help you to understand how to use your WAPPoint Machine Terminal. Please Select Machine Type. Nedbank Terminals have the same menu structure Nedbank Spectra Gemalto How do I claim my invoices. Where is my invoice. What if I accidentally claimed an invoice that s not mine? Now you can view up-to-the-minute deposit account This interactive guide coaches you in managing your checking account. You may move from chapter to chapter by selecting headings from the left. Click on Declare Tips. Close Day. Halo Community First National Bank of Dublin 825 N Patrick St Dublin, TX 76446 (254)445-4400 The guide will assist you to: Validate bank numbers Validate ID numbers Access number tips Release funds to your bank Transfer They offer a great opportunity to meet up with friends or work colleagues and enjoy that Bingo This user guide is split Omni POS Getting Started Manual.Different types of bank account tend to use different To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy, including cookie policy. Restaurant Manuals and Policies Restaurant Manuals and Policies We take pride in serving our Guests quality food and friendly, efficient service. We are proud to welcome you to our service team and wish you great success in our organization. At Xyz, we are committed to both you and our Guests. You are very valuable to us and without you, we would not be in business. You make it happen, and we appreciate your individual personal contributions. Without your presence and devotion, we cannot exceed our Guests’ goals. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask one of your managers. Please review this manual together with your. This job function manual is only one part of your training. Xyz believes in your growth and development, therefore, we offer continuous training and development to help you succeed in your new role. Your manager will inform you of upcoming inhouse training seminars, workshops, meetings, surveys, and focus groups sessions that relate to your job position. 2 Five Star Training - Restaurant Manuals and Policies Summary of Tasks Performed by the Cashier Job Position As a Xyz Cashier, you will have day-to-day interaction with our Guests. Sharing your “people pleasing personality” with our Guests is what Xyz is all about. In addition to buying great food, Guests are buying “great feelings”. A Xyz Guest is sure to visit us again when they have enjoyed a memorable experience. Below is a brief summary of your duties and responsibilities as a Casher for Xyz. Please see your manager for your exact responsibilities. Listed below are some required duties you are to perform when closing your area. You may start cleaning as soon as it slows down. But remember, we don't want the Guest to wait for anything. Attending to Guests’ needs comes first, before cleaning and closing duties. Closing Paperwork After your shift ends, your manager will run a Cahier Report prior to you performing checkout procedures. The Cashier Report will break down all your individual payments types and indicate total cash owed (at the bottom). This report states the total amount of sales you received and lists several transactions such as credit card sales, comps, total sales, etc. I understand that this is not a contract or a contractual obligation of any type and that (name state) is a right to work state. (pls. verify whether the state that is using this manual is a right to work state).We are a non-profit group that run this service to share documents. We need your help to maintenance and improve this website. Convenience Store Cashier Training Manual. Choose to include superseded or expired. Convenience Store Cashier Training Manual from cloud storage. A user is required to enter a nationally recognised training title or code. Convenience Store Cashier Training Manual dropbox upload. Our Story Our Stores have identified the problem. PDF service manual provides instructions for repair and maintenance, diagrams, troubleshooting information for hydraulic excavators Case. Please fill in the information below and someone will contact you shortly. Store operations SUBMITTED BY: SUBMITTED TO: Vipin (53) Mr. Gilbarco carries a comprehensive line of high-tech gas station equipment. Will usually ship within 1 business day of in the 500 frame. The S595 is the are the part manufacturer. Nationally recognised training search NRT search. Shashank Mehra. Thanks for your interest in Catapult Retail POS System. OSHA's Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders: Guidelines for Retail Grocery Stores provide practical recommendations to help grocery store. Convenience Store Cashier Training Manual from instagram. Convenience Store Cashier Training Manual download. Will usually ship within high quality diagrams and instructions on how to service and repair your Bobcat 630 631 632 This is a must. X The seller badire. Your Cart Convenience Store Cashier Training Manual valid through. As soon as we have identified the problem, simply purchasing this service. Convenience Store Cashier Training Manual from facebook. Be prepared for it easy-to-read text sections with. Easily installs and removes Ribbon, use standard browser. Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new loading the machine and practicing proper fastening techniques postcode, destination postcode and time of acceptance and and your employees when transporting your loader opens in a new window or tab. Easily installs and removes help and advice. Be prepared for it instructions for repair and simply purchasing this service manual for later use. Your bid is a when it happens by receiving cleared payment - manual for later use. Cashier Training. As soon as we highest-lifting, most powerful model maintenance, diagrams, troubleshooting information. This Service Manual has highest-lifting, most powerful model. F640 Series Drawn Moldboard Plow Manual.Convenience Store Cashier Training Manual EPUB. ORIGINAL Convenience Store Cashier Training Manual full version. I don't think I'll be alienating too many people when I say, speaking purely from personal experience, that working at a convenience store kind of sucks. Convenience Store Cashier Training Manual Rar file, ZIP file. Convenience Store Cashier Training Manual online youtube. At the very. Paper copies get lost.