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cybex 750a manual

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cybex 750a manualLower Console: Two numeric displays for incline, time, resistance and level. Heart Built-in wireless heart rate receiver (transmitter not included) and contact heart rate monitoring. Standard: White texture, black texture, metaltone gold, black chrome, platinum sparkle. Cybex Personal Entertainment Module and optional AC Power Adapter. Rate Features: Frame Colors: Resistance Range: Maximum User Weight: Power Rating: Options:Technical Specifications A-2. P1 Weight Loss. Cardiovascular Systems. Part Number 5750-4 DOwner’s Manual. Part Number 5750-4 D. DISCLAIMER: Cybex International, Inc.All rights reserved. Printed in United States of America. Table of Contents. Front Pages. About this Manual................... iii. FCC Compliance Information......... iiiGrounding and Voltage Information. Important Safety Instructions. Warning and Caution Decals. CSAFE PortsWarning and Caution. Choosing and Preparing a Site. Electrical Power Requirements. Unit Assembly. Testing Operation. Setup Screen......................Intended Use. Terms Used. Mount and Dismount. Emergency Dismount. Range of Motion. Console Keys. Audio Visual (AV) Key Pad - Optional. Program Selection. Manual and Quick Start Program Setup. Custom Programs. Data Readouts. Heart Rate Indicator. Fan Control. Alarm Set. Battery Sentry......................Warnings. Cleaning Unit. Preventive Maintenance Activities. Remove Access Cover. Attach Access Cover. Drive Belts. Recommended Service Schedule. Statistics. Error Codes. Rechargeable Battery. Environment.......................Contacting Service. Serial Number. Ordering Parts. Servicing Double-Insulated Products. Damaged Parts. Return Material Authorization (RMA)...About This Manual. An owner’s manual is shipped with each unit. To purchase additional copies of this manual or. FCC Compliance Information.http://www.pierreseche.fr/userfiles/epox-ep-4gea-manual.xml

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WARNING: Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by theThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digitalThese limits are designed to provide reasonableThis equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and (if not installedIf equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception,(determine byReorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a different circuit from the receiver. Page iii. IMPORTANT: Read all instructions and warnings before using. Grounding and Voltage Information. DANGER: Improper connection of equipment grounding conductor can result in a risk of electricFor Optional Power Supply. Unit must be grounded. This unit is equipped with an optional equipment-grounding conductor cordDo not use a ground plug adapter to adapt the power cord to a non-grounded outlet. Plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordanceIf unit malfunctions, grounding provides path of least resistance for electric current to reduce risk ofCybex is not responsible for injuries or damages as a result of cord or plug modification. Verify voltage requirements of unit match local voltage requirements. Verify unit outlet is the same configuration as the plug. Power AdapterConnector. Varies by. Country. NOTE: Use Cybex supplied power adapter and power cords only. Safety. Page 1-1. Important Safety InstructionsDANGER: To reduce the risk of electrical shock, always unplug unit from electrical outlet immediatelyWARNING: Serious injury could occur if these listed precautions are not observed. FollowUser Safety Precautions. Obtain medical exam before beginning any exercise program. WARNING: Heart rate monitoring systems may be inaccurate.http://soenen-pneus.com/upload/epox-ep-4vkmi-motherboard-manual.xml Over exercise may result in seriousStop exercising if feeling faint, dizzy or experiencing pain and consult your physician. Obtain instruction before using. Lisez les instructions avant l’utilisation. Read and understand the Owner’s Manual and all warnings posted on the unit before using. Keep children away. Teenagers and disabled must be supervised. Tenez les enfants eloignes. LesUse the handrails for support and to maintain balance. Wait until foot plates come to a complete stop before dismounting. Attendre l’arret complet desKeep foot plate surface clean and dry. DO NOT wear loose or dangling clothing while using. Keep all body parts and other items free and clear of moving parts. DO NOT use unit if user weight exceeds 400 lbs (180 kg). This is the rated maximum userReport any malfunctions, damage or repairs to the facility. Replace any warning labels if damaged, worn or illegible. Page 1-2. Facility Safety PrecautionsEnforce all user and safety precautions. Read and understand the Owner’s Manual completely before assembling, servicing or using unit. Verify all users are properly trained on using the equipment. Do not use unit outdoors. Verify that each unit is setup, leveled and operated on a solid, level surface. Do not install equipmentVerify there is enough room for safe access and operation of unit. Use Cybex AC power adapters only. Do not use the optional power adapter in damp or wet locations. Do not use the unit if: (1) the unit is plugged into an optional power adapter that has a damaged cord;Seek service fromEQUIPMENT is not suitable for use in the presence of aerosol (spray), FLAMMABLE ANAESTHETIC. MIXTURE WITH AIR or WITH OXYGEN or NITROUS OXIDE. Perform regular maintenance checks on unit. Performance level can be maintained only if examinedReplace any warning labels if damaged, worn or illegible. Immediately replace worn or damaged components. If unable to immediately replace worn orDo not attempt repairs; electrical or mechanical. Seek qualified repair technician when servicing. Failure to do so could result in serious injury.Keep a repair log of all maintenance activities. Disconnect the optional power adapter before servicing unit. Do not use attachments unless recommended for the unit by Cybex. The unit may generate electromagnetic or other forms of interference, or it may be affected byIf this is suspected, take precautions by separating theSafety. Page 1-3. Devices connected to Cybex equipment must comply with appropriate safety standards. This includesThere must be adequate mechanical mounting of the device in all combinations (configurations). Device must be stable on the unit in all configurations. Warning decals indicate a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in deathCarefully read and understand the following caution and warning labels before using the unit. Warning decal part numberPage 1-4Lisez les instructions avant l'utilisation.Over exercise may result in serious injury or death. If you feelTenez les enfants eloignes. Les adolescents et les handicapesAttendre l'arret complet des reposes pieds avant de descendre.Warning decal partWarning decal part number. DE-17219-4 (Both Sides)Keep hands awayPage 1-5. Warning decal part numberErrCodOver-Te dEn nsMan. Sch endedplug unCoSe nost (CLE. EA s EN. A.Cl eck Fuse rySeSer recower Ki. B.Ch eck Batte. Diag isticsAll rsonPo. C.Ch eckStatD.ChTE If us ile 1.St ring enu mulatD 7 DiNO TE: ine m. LE D 8 - Elevat ationNO termLE D 9 - - ElevTh viewDia it. En. DeKmChKm k dr an ss coD 1 Co ryMovmovFirsLE D 3 - Batte red. Re Km elevatWarning decal part number - 750A-329-4. Page 1-6. CSAFE Port. The CSAFE standard defines a communication protocol and low-voltage DC power source specific to the. Fitness Equipment Industry. These RJ-45 phone jacks are provided for use ONLY within the CSAFE protocol. NOTE: The CSAFE port inside the console, accessible through the back cover, is the only port that carries. BOTH the CSAFE communication lines and the 8.0v DC CSAFE power supply. If attaching a CSAFEPower is present only when theBack of Console. CSAFE Port (J9). Communication. Power SupplyPage 1-7. This page intentionally left blank. Page 1-8. Warning and Caution. Use extreme caution when assembling the unit. Failure to do so could result in injury or death. WARNING: Always use proper lifting methods when moving heavy items.Choosing and Preparing Site. Before assembling the unit, verify chosen site meets the following criteria. Area is well lit and well ventilated. Surface is structurally sound and properly leveled.Area allows for ample access and passage clearance around unit or for emergency dismount. MinimumNOTE: The access and passage clearance dimensions stated are the recommended minimum dimensionsThe actual area for access and passage is the responsibility of theArea is not in vicinity of high humidity, such as in the vicinity of a steam room, sauna, indoor pool orElectrical Power Requirements. NOTE: The AC power kit is optional. Verify unit is connected to an outlet having the same configuration as the plug. Verify connection is a grounded circuit. NOTE: Do not use a ground-plug adapter to adapt the 3-prong powerNOTE: Use Cybex supplied optional AC power kit only. Consult an electrician with any questions. Verify power supply is compliant with local building codes. Assembly and Set Up. Page 2-1. Tools Required. NOTE: The words “left” and “right” denote the user’s orientation.A. Read box label to verify the model number and voltage (optional) match what was ordered. B. Lift and remove cardboard sleeve surrounding unit. C. Verify paint color matches what was ordered. D. Verify correct voltage if option AC power kit is included.NOTE: For 750AT content verification, skip to step 5. A. See 750A content listing and Figure 1a for 750A carton contents. B. Check off each item as found.ItemPage 2-2. Part Number. Varies. VariesBase with covers attached. Console assembly (in box). Handrail assembly. Foot pad. Tray, Main. Tray, Insert. Hardware pack. Owner’s Manual. Assembly poster. Commercial Arc warranty sheet. Consumer Arc warranty sheetA. See 750A hardware pack listings and Figure 1b for 750A hardware pack contents. B. Check off each item as found.Assembly and Set Up. Page 2-3ItemTap SC 10-12 x 2.00 Type A PN HD PHIL. Locknut,.375-16 Nylon. BHSCS.375-16 x 2.25. Pan HD Phil Hd Self Tapping, 8-16 x.50 Type WB. Washer, Saddle,.390 ID x.750 OD x 6. BHSCS.375-16 x 2.25 SS. BHSCS.375-16 x.50 SS. LoctiteAssembly and Set Up. Page 2-4A. See 750AT content listing and Figure 2a for 750AT carton contents. B. Check off each item as found.ItemVaries. Consumer Arc warranty sheet. Figure 2a (750AT). Page 2-5A. See 750AT hardware pack listings and Figure 2b for 750AT hardware pack contents. B. Check off each item as found.ItemTap SC 10-12 x 2.00 Type A PN HD PHIL. Loctite. Flange Spacer. Washer, Flat.281 ID x.500 OD x.062 TAssembly and Set Up. Page 2-6. Figure 2b (750AT). Page 2-7A. Carefully remove large bolts and shippingThis will protect the paintB. With one person on each side, firmly grasp eachNOTE! Do not grasp plastic pivot covers. Grasping plasticFigure 3. C. Using proper lifting methods, lift the lower rearLower Rear. Support Legs. D. Move unit to intended location. E. Carefully lower rear support legs.Figure 3. NOTE: For 750AT console assembly, skip to step 11. Upper Contact. Heart Rate. Cable. B. Locate the contact heart rate cable in the handrailC. Thread upper contact heart rate cable through theFigure 4 (750A). Page 2-8A. Locate the upper display cable and plug into the lower display cable. See Figure 5. Upper Display. Contact Heart. Rate Cable. Display Cable. Cable Strap. Lower Display. Board. Figure 5 (750A). B. Locate the contact heart rate cable and plug into heart rate board. C. Plug the heart rate disply cable (threaded through console mount in step 8C) into the heart rate board. NOTE: Ensure cable connectors are securely fastened. Tighten cable strap. See Figure 5.NOTE: Confirm that no cables are pinched while lowering theC. Insert (from underneath) the four BHSCS.375-16 x 2.25Figure 6 (750A). Figure 6. G. Pull rubber sleeves up to cover handle-to-frame connections. Page 2-9. NOTE: For 750A assembly, skip to step 12.Upper Display. Strap. Figure 7 (750AT). B. Locate the upper display cable and plug into the lower display cable. See Figure 7. C. Locate the heart rate display cable and plug into heart rate board. D. Locate the contact heart rate cable and plug into the heart rate board. NOTE: Confirm that no cables are pinched while lowering the console. Page 2-10C. Using a Phillips screwdriver, securely fastenB. Place the insert tray in the correct position onC. Using a Phillips screwdriver, securely fastenNOTE: For 750A assembly, skip to step 18. Figure 8. Page 2-11NOTE: The left and right handle assemblies areSee Figure 9. A. Locate the screws and washers that secureSee Figure 10.See Figure 9. C. Slide pivot pin out, remove right handleSee Figure 9. Shipping Position. Right. Handle. Assembly. Figure 9 (750AT). Washer. Pivot Pin. E. Slide pivot pin out, remove left handleA. Position the left handle assembly in theSee Figure 10.Figure 11. Left. Figure 10 (750AT). C. Place left handle assembly in position andSee Figure 10. D. Secure handle assembly with the screws andSee Figure 10. E. Locate left linkage rod, left handle assembly. NOTE: The SHCS.250-20 UNC-3A SS. Figure 11 (750AT). Page 2-12A. Position the right handle assembly in the correct position on the right side where the left handleSee Figures 10 and 11.See Figure 11. Correct Position. C. Place right handle assembly in position and slideSee Figure 10. E. Locate right linkage rod, right handle assembly. Figure 11.G. Secure linkage rod to handleThe SHCS.250-20 UNC-3A. H. Verify handle assemblies areFigure 12. Figure 12 (750AT). Main Frame. Socket. NOTE: Position plug soHeart Rate. Wire. Figure 13 (750AT). Page 2-13A. Locate contact heart rate cable exiting from the right handle assembly. See Figure 13. B. Plug right heart rate cable into main frame socket. See Figure 13.Figure 14A. Confirm unit is on a level surface.Leveling Feet. Figure 15A. Carefully remove any package material from arms and rest of unit. B. Carefully examine the unit to ensure assembly is correct and complete. Page 2-14. Use the following instructions to test the full resistance and incline range of the unit.See Electrical Requirements inNOTE: If not using the optional AC power kit, the display will not illuminate until step 4.NOTE: Verify lower heart rate cable is not rubbing on handle during operation.Then press the RESISTANCE - key until unit reaches its lowest load (theNOTE: When unit reaches the set incline and resistance, the displays will stop flashing and remain steadilyFirst press the INCLINE key until the unit reaches its highest inclineThen press the INCLINE key until unit reaches its lowest incline (the display willWARNING: Wait until all moving parts come to a complete stop before dismounting.Hold handrails to steady self whileAssembly and Set Up. Page 2-15. Setup Screen. Setup is a separate control screen that allow the user to define multiple aspects of the unit’s functions. Set up can be opened from Dormant mode, Count Down, Lock and the CSAFE ID entry screens. To open setup screen, press CLEAR, key sequence 7-5-0 and press ENTER. Press ENTER to enter setup feature, allow changes and return to main menu.Press the RESISTANCE keys to scroll forward or backward in the setup menu. Press CLEAR to reset back to default or previously stored value.Initial displayedNOTE: Choices are limited to range of MAX time.Summary of workoutLimit user’s workoutLength of time unitAssembly and Set Up. Page 2-16Defines what isMode. Text is entered viaText is entered viaWORKOUT MSG ON (or OFF)Requires correct entryENTER OLD CODE (Key in 4-digit code). ENTER will allow code to be seen. LOAD Control key toggles the lock on or off. Use keypad to enter new code. ENTER accepts new code. Master factory code isSAVE button during. Review Mode. SAVE PROG ON (or OFF). (factory default is OFF). If choice is ZONED, choose the actual time for each zone to start and maximum timeHH:MM X is the actual time the zone starts, and YYY is the maximum time allowed during time zone. Example. Format. Factory DefaultPage 2-17. Page 2-18Intended Use. Intended use of this exercise equipment is to aid or improve general physical fitness and exercise. Active ModeDown occurs two minutes prior to completion of the program-controlled workout sessions. At the conclusion of the countManual Mode allows the user to adjustTime will count up in Quick Start Manual mode or countActive Mode. Upon entering aAlso choose the QUICK START button to enter into Quick. Start Manual Mode, where the user controls the Resistance and Incline as time counts up.OperationMount and Dismount. EXPIRATION OF LIMITED WARRANTIES FOR CONSUMER BUYERS: The PG 400, 400S and 300T are warranted for residential use only. The 400T and 410T are warranted for residential and light commercial use only. Page 61 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual PROCEDURE FOR OBTAINING WARRANTY PERFORMANCE: TO SECURE THIS WARRANTY IN EVENT OF A DEFECT, BUYER MUST RETURN TO SELLER THE WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD.Page 62 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual NOTE: Merchandise returned without an RMA number on the outside of the package or shipments sent C.O.D. will not be accepted by the Cybex receiving department. Damaged Parts Materials damaged in shipment should not be returned for credit. Shipping damages are the responsibility of the carrier (UPS, Federal Express, trucking companies, etc.) Apparent Damage — Upon receipt of your shipment, check all boxes carefully. Page 63 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual Page 6-6 Page 64 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual 7 - Service Service Instruction. WARNING: All maintenance activities shall be performed by qualified personnel. Failure to do so could result in serious injury. These activities should be performed at the recommended intervals listed in the Service Schedule in the Preventive Maintenance chapter: Measure the motor brushes and replace worn motor brushes Rotate, flip and replace the running deck. Page 65 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual. WARNING: Keep wet items away from inside parts of the treadmill. Too many of these indicate a worn commutator, and the motor should be replaced. The commutator may be cleaned with narrow commutator stone if carbon build-up is present. (File down the stone if it won’t fit in the brush holder hole.) Brush dust can be loosened from the brush holder area by lightly filing the surfaces. Page 67 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual 10. Secure the front panel. A. Avoid touching R34 and the black capacitors. Connect the motor cable. Measure Motor Voltage at Max Speed, No Load A qualified Cybex service technician should perform this test. Page 69 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual 3. Remove the motor cover and side rails. A. Remove the two Phillips head screws that fasten the motor cover to the frame. Lift the cover and set it aside. This will enable you to see the deck and edges of the belt. Page 70 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual 10 mph (16 kph) with no load should not go below 168 VDC. Loosen each bolt evenly, making sure not to loosen either bolt too many turns before moving to the other bolt. This way, you can be sure to use all four deck positions before replacing the deck. Page 73 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual 12. Attach the drive belt tensioning assembly. A. Place the drive belt tensioning roller in position under the front bracket on the drive belt tensioning assembly. See Figure 3. B. Place the two steel bar springs over the drive belt tensioning roller plate and under the front bracket on the drive belt tensioning assembly. Be sure springs are firmly seated against the stop under the drive belt retainer. C. Be sure that the pulley is aligned with the drive belt. D. Page 74 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual Running Belt Adjustments in the Preventive Maintenance chapter. Then continue with step 17. 17. Attach the motor cover. A. Lower the motor cover and in position and install the two Phillips head screws that hold it in place. Error Codes Cybex provides error code descriptions for your information. Cybex recommends that these errors be addressed by a qualified service technician. Page 75 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual If the drive motor (and running belt) does not rotate at all, the problem is more difficult to diagnose. You should be able to hear the relay toggle and note as well that the value in the center window reads “1.” If it reads zero, the problem is most likely the console cable. Page 76 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual If the speed attempts to increase, it may be because of a defect in the power supply circuitry to the drive motor, the speed sensor, or the filter capacitor. If the speed attempts to decrease, it is most often because a person is pushing on the belt. Or it may be because of a defect in the drive motor, the speed sensor, or a worn running deck. Page 77 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual C18: POWER RELAY TESTS C19: SERVICE REMINDERS NOTE: Press STOP to exit Diagnostic Test Mode. You can perform any of the service diagnostic tests from any treadmill state, that is, before, during, or after a program (manual or preset). Since C2, C3, C8 and C9 are dynamic tests, you will usually want to enter the Diagnostic Test Mode while the treadmill is running. Page 78 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual C2: ACTUAL SPEED This test displays the actual speed of the drive motor in miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (kph) in hundredths. C3: CURRENT DRAW This test displays the current draw of the treadmill in amperes. If you press STOP, it will exit from the Diagnostic Test Mode. If you locate a key that is not functioning properly, a trained Cybex service technician can disassemble the control panel and replace the overlay switch membrane. C6: CSAFE PORT CHECK This test checks the status of the CSAFE port on the back of the console. An erratic or low count can indicate a problem with the speed pickup or the target decal on the flywheel. Inspect the flywheel decal for nicks, dirt, scratches, etc.Page 81 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual C14: PGM LOCKOUT This mode allows the programs to be turned off, for manual use only. Page 82 Cybex 710T Treadmill Owner’s Manual NOTE: If you were in the middle of a program before entering the Diagnostic Test Mode, you will be returned to the exact spot in the program where you left off. The speed, elevation, and time will all return to where they were prior to entering the Diagnostic Test Mode. You will not lose any information and the elapsed time will not have changed. Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with Cybex International Treadmill 710T. To start viewing the user manual Cybex International Treadmill 710T on full screen, use the button Fullscreen. However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase. The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above - Print the manual. You do not have to print the entire manual Cybex International Treadmill 710T but the selected pages only. paper. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. 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Site Map.As soon as the baby cannot be secured comfortably with the harness system anymore, the inlay should be removed.Depending on the child’s height, this corresponds to approximately four years of age.This is not, however, mandatory. We recommend that children travel in a rear-facing position for as long as possible.Its purpose is to reduce the size of the seat to ensure these infants receive the best possible protection.In concrete terms, this means that the seat can be rotated to the left or right to face the door and can also be used either in a forward- or rear-facing position.As soon as your child no longer has enough legroom in a rear-facing position, the seat can be used together with the impact shield in a forward-facing position. To do so, the harness first has to be tucked away in the seat so that the latter can be released. Subsequently, the seat can simply be rotated and your child can be secured with the impact shield. For further details on converting the seat, please refer to the instructions.The integrated supporting leg provides additional stability and absorbs the forces released in a head-on collision. The Sirona Q i-Size can only be installed using the ISOFIX connectors.