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deckel lk manual

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deckel lk manualI need to overhaul it a bit because it was sitting for a while and was not in use for some time. I. Was searching for a manual but couldn't find any. Do we have someone here that is willing to send it to me as PDF via email?Is it possible to move Z axis without powering the machine on?Thinking about it, Good luck !This machine would deserve the thread, don't you think Just slower. I don?t have a manual or parts book for the LK either and would be interested in a copy as well. L7Maybe originally they don't have a lid?Don't know much about the table, did not keep it long. Never seen any documentation on the LK's. Be careful with the vertical head.Fits between the quill and the head casting are very close. Both were used with that machine. The quill is lubricated through a screw on top of depth stop rod (the bar on the front of the vertical head that has a small flat shelf on top) Move the bar (thumb screw) fully down.9after you clean off the rust) Remove the screw from the top of the flat shelf and apply oil into the hole.I would start with some light nachine oil to get things loosened up. The two cabinets contain the electrics for the machine(1) and the high frequency power source for the grinding spindle. Believe there are two versions of the high frequency supply, but i don't know more than that other than the first gen high frequency source is deemed troublesome. You do know that the ways on that table will make it useless for all but very light milling.Not designed to take side loads, just down thrust from drilling and boring. Cheers RossIt sits there still in our cabinet's lower shelve unused. Our shop neighbour kept some weird parts off it for possible use later as he's a millwright. Balance was carted off to metal recycling.It took me half a day to get it moving.back in my head I had this felling that i'm doing it wrong and will do some damage, but luckily this time it was a right way to loosen the quill. Thanks a bunchNow I have another question.http://pusancard.com/userData/board/feq1442es0-manual.xml

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Model Year: 2016. Machine is in like new condition.http://ndesert.nazwa.pl/userfiles/feq332es0-manual.xml Cette notice d'utilisation presente differents modeles BSN. Disattivare l'apparecchio quando non lo si usa. Ingebruikname Afbeelding 2 a) Slang gepositioneerd pijl boven - in de zuigopening vergrendelen. Borstevalsen drives via stovsugerens sugestrom. Elektrisk tilslutning ikke nodvendig. Hvis de ikke indeholder substanser, som ikke ma l?gges i husholdningsaffaldet, kan de bortskaffes som normalt husholdningsaffald. Billede 20 S?t en ny stovpose helt ind i holderen. Lever derfor det gamle apparatet til forhandleren eller til en miljostasjon for gjenvinning. Bilde 20 Skyv en ny stovpose inn i holderen frem til anslaget. Forpackningen bestar av miljovanliga material som gar att atervinna. Slang det forpackningsmaterial du inte langre behover i atervinningen. Vie kaytosta poistettu laitteesi kierratysta varten alan liikkeeseen tai kierratyskeskukseen. Kuva 19 Sulje polypussi vetamalla kielekkeesta ja ota se pois. Kuva 20 Tyonna uusi polypussi pidikkeeseen vasteeseen saakka. Extraer el enchufe en caso de averia. Neste manual de instrucoes sao apresentados diferentes modelos BSN. Apos fechar a tampa, esta encrava de modo audivel, quando voce a pressiona na direcao indicada pela seta. Bu kullan?m k?lavuzunda cesitli BSN modelleri gosterilmistir. Kapak kapat?ld?ktan sonra ok i?areti yonun de bast?r?ld?ktan sonra kapak yerine gecer ve gecme sesi duyulur. Odkurzacz nalezy chronic przed wplywem czynnikow atmosferycznych, wilgocia i zrodlami ciepla.Ebben a hasznalati utasitasban kulonbozo BSN-os modellek leirasat talalja. Uzembe helyezes 2. abra a) A szivotomlot - nyil felul helyzetben - bekattintjuk a szivonyilasba. A fedel, a lezarasa utan, a nyil iranyaba valo lenyomasanal hallhatoan bekattan. Finom porreszecskek (mint pl. Indicat indeosebi pentru aspirarea parului de animale. 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AV VE R TE NZ E: La va re a l pr im o ut il iz zo, in l av as to vi gl ie (c es te ll o su per i or e) o a man o co n acqua calda e sapone neutro. Sciacquare bene. Lavare sempre q ualsiasi prodotto destinato al ba mbi no p ri ma e d op o ogn i u ti liz z o. Ten er e fu or i da ll a por ta t a de i ba mb ini. No n la sc ia r e ma i il ba mbi no i nc us to di to d ur an te l ’al im en ta z io ne o l ’u ti li zz o di q ua ls ia si a lt ro p ro do t to p er l ’i nf an zi a. Co ns er v ar e qu es te i nf or ma z io ni.ManualsPDF. ru. Something went wrong. View cart for details.User Agreement, Privacy, Cookies and AdChoice Norton Secured - powered by Verisign Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter This page was last updated: 15-Sep 03:41. 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Please enter a valid postcode. Please enter a number less than or equal to 9. You're covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee if you receive an item that is not as described in the listing. Find out more about your rights as a buyer - opens in a new window or tab and exceptions - opens in a new window or tab. All Rights Reserved. User Agreement, Privacy, Cookies and AdChoice Norton Secured - powered by Verisign. Table size 620x300 mmCinisello Balsamo, Italy Click to Request Price Top Seller 1976 Deckel LK BS Manufacturer: Deckel Maho Model: DECKEL LK Apeldoorn, Netherlands Click to Request Price DECKEL MAHO DMC 103V Manufacturer: Deckel Maho Model: DMC 103 V A machining center is a machine enabling quick and precise execution of complex elements using many tools. The machine tool can use many tools during one cycle, automatically fed to the spindle depending on the n. Tarnowskie Gory, Poland Click to Request Price Top Seller DECKEL MAHO DMC 63V Manufacturer: Deckel Maho Model: DMC 63 V A machining center is a machine enabling quick and precise execution of complex elements using many tools. The machine tool can use many tools during one cycle, automatically fed to the spindle depending on the n. Tarnowskie Gory, Poland Click to Request Price Top Seller Deckel LK-LKS Manufacturer: Deckel Maho Model: DECKEL LK Template grinding machine. Jig grinding machine. Excenter head speed: 40 - 500 RPM. Vertical stroke grinding spindle: 5-75 mm variable. Table size 630 x 300 mmTransverse X 400 mm. Lengsweg Y 250 mm. Vertical path Z 375 mm. Speed ??2500 rpm. Tool holder SK 40. Accessories. Vertical FrskopfControl Philips 432. NC rotary table. Transverse X 700 mm. Lengsweg Y 450 mm. Vertical path Z 500 mm. Speed ??20 - 3000 rpm. Tool holder ISO 40. Langenargen, Germany Click to Request Price 2004 DECKEL MAHO DMU 70 EVOLUTION Manufacturer: Deckel Maho Model: DMU 70 EVOLUTION Control: CNC controls HEIDENHAIN MILLPLUS IT The Deckel Maho DMU 70 EVO will be available at the end of August 2020. Niederhelfenschwil, Switzerland Click to Request Price Top Seller 2001 DECKEL- MAHO DMF 300 linear Manufacturer: Deckel Maho Model: DMF 300 LINEAR Control: CNC - reinforced IKZ. Hamburg, Germany Click to Request Price Deckel Maho DECKEL LK Boring Mill Manufacturer: Deckel Maho Model: DECKEL LK Good condition Deckel Maho DECKEL LK Boring Mill s manufactured in 1960. Located in USA and other countries. Click request price for more information. No Yes Please tell us more so that we can improve our website: How can we get in touch with you? (optional) Send Feedback Thank you for making Machinio better. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. FUr Details schauen Sie sich bitte alle Bilder an. 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Wenn sich ein Wochenende oder ein Feiertag dazwischen befindet, verlangert sich die Laufzeit dementsprechend. Achten Sie nach dem Kauf darauf, dass die richtige Adresse als Lieferadresse angegeben ist. Selbstabholung Informieren Sie uns nach dem Kauf des Artikels, dass Sie die Ware personlich abholen mochten und wir nennen Ihnen dann ein Abholdatum und die entsprechende Abholadresse. Bewertungen Nach Eingang Ihrer Bewertung, erhalten Sie Uber unser Abwicklungsprogramm automatisch eine Positive Bewertung. Bevor Sie uns eine Negative oder eine Neutrale Bewertung geben sollten, setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung, um die Unstimmigkeiten zu klaren. Wir bewerten alle Auktionen. Wir bedanken uns fUr Ihren Einkauf. Eingestellt mit Auction Studio You are the light of the world. The rotors are precisely located at both ends in rolling contact bearings (radial and axial) which, in conjunction with the generously sized oil supply chambers, provides optimum emer gency running characteristics. Owing to the specific design this type of compressor does not require any working valves.to protect again streverse running when the compressor is switched off (expansion operation) a check valve is incorporated in the discharge chamber (this valve does not however replace any check valve possibly required by the system design). An internal pressure relief valve is fitted as burst protection (according to EN 378 and UL 984). Drive The compressor is driven through a three-phase asynchronous motor which is built into the compressor housing.the motor rotor is located on the shaft of the male screw rotor. SH RUS 5 6 2.2 Verdichtungsvorgang V i -Regelung Bei Schraubenverdichtern erfolgt der Verdichtungsvorgang im Gleichstrom. In an axial flow suction gas is compressed in continuously reduced profile gaps. This high pressure gas is then released through a discharge port which size and geometry determine the so called internal volume ratio (V i ). This value must have a defined relationship to the mass flow and the working pressure ratio, to avoid efficiency losses due to over- or under-compression. The discharge ports of BITZER screw compressors are designed for especially wide application ranges. These are distinguished by two variations per compressor size: HSK-Models for high- and medium temperature HSN-Models for low temperature In view of high efficiency and operational safety a part of the discharge port is integrated into the control slider which enables a Vi control at part load conditions. Due to this the internal volume ratio (V i ) practically re mains constant down to approximately 70 part load. Eine weitere Besonderheit ist der in den Regelschieber integrierte ECO- Kanal (Abbildung 2, Position 8).The ECO port built into the control slider is another outstanding feature (figure 2, position 8). It en ables a fully functional operation of the subcooler circuit independently from the compressor s load conditions. This is a design solution which is unique for screw compressors of this capacity range. This ensures highest possible capacity and efficiency at both full and part load conditions. For details regarding ECO operation see chapter 4.8. Economiser operation is also favourable for HSK models operating at higher pressure ratios.! Attention! Danger of severe mechanical compressor damages. Die unterschiedliche Betriebsweise erfolgt lediglich durch entsprechende Ansteuerung der Magnetventile. Ein weiteres Merkmal dieses Systems ist die automatische Anlaufentlastung. Sie verringert wesentlich das Anlaufmoment und die Hochlaufzei ten. Dies schont auch die Mechanik und den Motor bei gleichzeitig reduzierter Netzbelastung. 2.3 Capacity control and start unloading HS.85 models are provided as a standard with a Dual Capacity Control (slider system). This allows for infinite and 3- or 4-step capacitiy control without compressor modifications (see application limits, chapter 8). The different operating modes can be achieved by adapting the control sequences of the solenoid valves. The special geometry of the slider means that the volume ratio V i is ad justed to the operating conditions in part-load operation. This gives particulary high efficiency. Another feature of this system is the automatic start-unloading. It reduces starting torque and acceleration times considerably. Als Steuermodule eignen sich elektronische Dreipunkt-Regler oder vergleichbare Komponenten. 2.4 Hydraulische Schaltung Abbildung 2 zeigt das Aufbauprinzip der hydraulischen Schaltung. Durch Verstellen des Schiebers 7 wird das Ansaugvolumen geregelt. Je weiter der Schieber zur Druckseite bewegt wird, desto kleiner ist das Profil volumen. Significant design features are the ro bust dimensioning as well as the precise guidance of the slider elements and the control piston. Capacity control is achieved by means of solenoid valves that are flanged on to the compressor. A dual set point controller or any similar component is suitable as a control module. 2.4 Hydraulic control Figure 2 shows the design principle of the hydraulic scheme. By moving the slider 7 the suction gas flow is controlled. If the slider is moved totally to the suction side (in the figure 2 to the left), the working space between the profiles is filled with suction gas. The more the slider is moved to the dis charge side, the smaller becomes the resulting profile volume. Less refrigerant is taken in. The mass flow is lower. Durch das Druckgas 6 wird der Schieber zur Druckseite bewegt. Bei Bedarf wird das Ventil CR4 angesteuert und dadurch der Schieber zur Saug seite hin verschoben. CR Stufenlose Leistungsregelung Die stufenlose Leistungsregelung empfiehlt sich bei Systemen mit Einzelverdichtern, die eine hohe Regelgenauigkeit erfordern. Der Schieber muss nicht verstellt werden. Es werden keine Magnetventile angesteuert. The slider is controlled by a hydraulic piston. If the valve CR4 is opened, the oil pressure in the pressure chamber 3 increases. The slider is moved to the suction side. The cooling capacity increases. If the valve CR1, CR2 or CR3 is opened, the pressure on the hydraulic piston decreases. By means of the discharge gas 6 the slider is pressed to the discharge side. The cooling capacity is reduced. 2.5 Starting the compressor During the off-period of the compressor the solenoid valve CR3 is open. The pressure in the hydraulic cylinder is then released. The spring 5 (fig. 2) pushes the slider to the discharge side end position (consider returning time of the control slider chap. 5.5). When starting the compressor, it is unloaded. Valve CR4 is energized on demand thus moving the slider to wards the suction side. The refrigerating capacity increases to the set load condition by energizing the valves CR1. CR Infinite capacity control Infinite capacity control is recommended for systems with single compressor where high control accurancy is required. Control principle see figure 5. If the actual value is within the set control range H, the cooling demand of the system remains unchanged. Then there is no need to move the slider. The control input can be e. g. the air or water temperature at the evaporator or the suction pressure. Increased cooling demand If the actual value exceeds the upper break point, the cooling demand has increased (operating point A in fig. 5). The solenoid valve CR4 is opened for short intervals till the actual value is within the set control range again (operating point B). Attention! The application ranges with capacity control are restricted. X X max X set H X min X real. Damit ist der eingestellte Be reich wieder erreicht.The compressor operates with decreased cooling capacity. The compressor must be started in the 25 stage (CR3 is energized during standstill). For systems with multiple compressors either used in split or single circuits. Wesentlich ist dabei die vergleichsweise einfache Steuerungslogik. Die Taktzeit des intermittierenden Ventils CR4 wird vor Inbetriebnahme auf etwa 10 Sekunden eingestellt. Deshalb sollten hier einstellbare Zeitrelais eingesetzt werden. Liquid chillers are typical applications. This also applies for systems with several compounded compressors working in parallel. Compared with total output, the capacity differences per stage are very low, which enables practically continuous control to be achieved. Hereby, the comparatively simple se quencing logic is significant. Figure 4 shows the control of the solenoid valves for the individual capacity steps. The cycle time of the intermitting valve, CR4, should be adjusted to about 10 seconds before commissioning. Even shorter intervals may be necessary, particularly with systems with high pressure differences. Therefore, in this case adjustable time relays should be used. SH RUS 13 14 2.8 Verdichter aufstellen Der halbhermetische Verdichter bildet in sich selbst eine Motor-Verdichtereinheit. Die Schrauben sind ausreichend angezogen, wenn gerade erste Verformungen der oberen Gummischeibe sichtbar werden. 2.8 Mounting the compressor The semi-hermetic compressor itself provides a motor compressor unit. It is only necessary to mount the complete unit correctly and to connect the electrical equipment and the pipes. Anti-vibration mountings Rigid mounting of the compressor is possible. The use of anti-vibration mountings especially matched to the compressors (accessory) is recommended however to reduce the transmission of body radiated noise. When mounting on shell and tube heat exchangers. Attention! Danger of vibration fractures. Do not mount the compressor solidly on the heat exchanger (e. g. shell and tube condenser). Use anti-vibration mountings. This eliminates the need to fit corresponding supplementary and safety components in the oil pipe to the compressor (oil filter, oil flow switch, solenoid valve). The system comprises: Oil flow switch Monitoring of oil stop valve Oil filter monitoring This significantly reduces the number of brazing joints in the oil line and thus the risk of leakage. Verdampfungstemperatur max. Oil supply The compressor oil supply is obtained from an external oil separator. Due to the pressure difference between the separator and the injection point on the compressor oil is injected into the compression chamber and the bearings of the compressor from where it is returned together with the compressed gas to the oil separator. The oil and gas are separated in the upper part of the separator. The oil proportion flows downwards to the separator space from where it again flows to the compressor. Depending on the application conditions the circulating oil has to be cooled down by an oil cooler. In addition there is an extensive programme of accessories available which apart from oil separators of different capacities, also covers a wide palette of oil coolers (water- and air-cooled). Oil cooling according to the Thermosiphon principle is also possible but requires individual calculation and selection of the components Oil cooling In areas with high thermal loading additional cooling is required (depending on condensing and evaporating temperature, suction gas superheat, refrigerant). A relatively simple method involves the direct liquid injection into the existing economiser port. However, due to the risk of oil dilution, this technique is limited to a relatively low cooling capacity. Conversely, the use of an external oil cooler (air, water or refrigerant cooled) is universal and permits operation within wider limits and at higher efficiencies. When calculating the additional cooling (oil cooler), worst case operating conditions must be considered under observation of the permitted application limits (chapter 8): min.Siehe auch Technische Information ST-600 und Hinweise auf den folgenden Seiten. See also Technical Information ST-600 and recommendations in the following pages. To simplify maintenance it is recommended to install a manual shut-off valve (ball valve) in the oil line after the cooler. The oil cooler must be controlled by thermostats (see table for temperature settings). Oil cooler installed above the compressor level This method should be limited to sys - tems with relatively short shut-off peri - ods. If the oil cooler is installed significantly higher than the compressor (e. g. oil cooler on roof, compressor in machine room), oil can flow out of the oil cooler and back into the oil separator during standstill, from where it can be thrown into the system at the next compressor start. This method is independent of other coolants such as water or air. There fore, it can be used universally, provided that a sufficient height difference between condenser and oil cooler can be ensured. For oil cooling, refrigerant is drawn from the liquid receiver (or a primary receiver) and fed directly into the oil cooler mounted in a lower location.