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dishlex 103sk manual

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dishlex 103sk manualG’day mate! Sale of fire-risk dishwashers bannedMore than 26,000 Electrolux,Electrolux Dishlex and Westinghouse dishwashers sold in Australia andNew Zealand since April last year have a potential wiring fault. TheNSW Fair Trading Minister, Linda Burney, said her department had beenalerted to 73 incidents involving the appliances, resulting inexcessive heat and kitchen fires. Up to 5000 of the dishwashersremain in households unchecked. The minister said a wire connector within the appliances could cause plastic components to melt in the control panel. The largest number of faulty washers are in NSW. Theban and the recalls cover Electrolux, Electrolux Dishlex andWestinghouse washers with serial numbers ranging from 70700000 to72400000. The NSW Government said consumers with one of thesemodels should stop using the machines immediately and contactElectrolux to arrange for a technician to fix the problem. - AAP Sounds like perhaps your immersion heater is bad or even worse, some contacts or relay in the control circuitry of the drying cycle. Looking underneath the unit, remove a power lead from one side of the heater unit. It should show zero no matter what ohms setting you have selected. Next touch each lead to each of two posts on the heater unit. It should show some resistance other than zero if it is good. If still zero, you will need to get a replacement heater from your fav local appliance store or go on-line and order it. Let me know results?I downloaded a pdf file no problem. Login to post Measure detergent carefully. Possibly try a different brand of detergent. Secondly, spilled rinse aid can cause foam and lead to overflowing. Wipe up any spills with a damp cloth. Lastly, check to see if your dishwasher is level. If your dishwasher is still leaking, after trying the above solutions, I suggest contacting the manufacturer for further assistance. Hope this is helpful.http://www.swoyambhugarden.com.np/userfiles/buseco-q-manual.xml

  • dishlex 103 sk manual, dishlex 103sk manual.

-Best regards- WPThe washer works okay - but it doesn't always empty the contents of the dishwashing powder in to the dishwasher. It is often wet and stuck in the Here's a map showing water hardness in the USA.Most sites request you sign up. I would think the models are the same,except fort he number. Take a look.I downloaded a pdf file no problem.As there is no instruction manual being a rented property i want to know how to get solution on my problem. Was working last night but went to put a load on this morning but now have lights and thats it no cycle please help.It's an older model 8574 and we have no manual. Is it possible to get one somewhere? G’day mate!Problem occurred wont drain after last spinning period.Have checked Drain pump, in good condition,no clog on drain pipe.After draining manually.will operate normally. Answer questions, earn points and help others. Fitted new part and now works great. Replace with new parts. Nothing to that effect was included with the part. Undo old screws and out, in new part, rescrew. The dishes don’t come clean and often the tablet is either still in the tray or not completely dissolved, have tried multiple different tablets and it didn’t make a difference. Given up on this product and have purchased a Westinghouse. Save your time and money and get anything other than this. Like Share More Similar opinion. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au ! estoril C Hunter Region, NSW 5 reviews 7 likes The wheels on the lower dish cage have broken. The washing arms block with food debris and even the product instruction manual states food blocking the washing arms should be removed with a toothpick. I wonder if anyone at Dishlex has actually ever tried doing this. The front opening handle has snapped off. The lower washer arm snags on the bottom of the dish cage. Buy a Bosch or do the dishes by hand. Never again. Like Share More Similar opinion. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au !http://www.mklaassen.nl/images/busch-r5-service-manual.xml Other Freestanding Dishwashers Previous Bosch Serie 8 Freestanding Dishwashers 4.4 ( 216 ) Bosch Serie 6 Freestanding Dishwashers 4.3 ( 138 ) Westinghouse WSF6606 Series 3.9 ( 280 ) Bosch Home Appliances Serie 4 Dishwashers 3.9 ( 168 ) See all Freestanding Dishwashers Next Denis G Then the door kept popping open during the cycle causing it to shut off.I had to squeeze two small wooden wedges in the door to keep it shut and complete the cycle. Very annoying. The lower basket began to fall to pieces and was just too flimsy to do the job. After struggling with it for a few more years It just stopped working. Glad to get rid of it. Replaced it with a Bosch, all round a much sturdier product. Compare all Azeem Marsden Not quite 5 years old and it is not doing the job meant to be doing. Not taking the soup properly. I tried two different brand of tablets and after the cycle, table still be in dispenser, wasting the water and power whole time. Try to contact builders as well as customer care of Electrolux. No one responded from customer care at all. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au ! Belinda A Adelaide The only problem we have is that the handle has broken off making it quite difficult to open the door. I have put up with it for a while but note that others have had the same problem. Is there anyway of getting another handle. Date Purchased Mar 2017 Like Share More 2 comments ELECTROLUX. Dishlex 2 years ago Hi Belinda, Marina from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Dishlex dishwasher. Thanks. Marina Like Report Belinda A 2 years ago Will do, thanks Marina Like Report Similar opinion. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au ! Karen L AU No way of taking it off to clean. I have looked everywhere. One woman on a forum where another person asked.how to clean the top arm, said use a toothpick. Date Purchased Jan 1999 Like Share More Similar opinion. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au !http://superbia.lgbt/flotaganis/1647991810 Sally Melbourne 21 reviews 19 likes Not quite 5 years old and it died suddenly. No lights, won’t switch on. Tried calling Electrolux service 3 times but 15 minutes on hold before giving up each time. Got an independent service guy out (cheaper call out fee than Electrolux anyway) who says it’s the main board blown and it’s not worth repairing. So we have to cut our losses and purchase a new one plus pay a service call. Lesson learnt. Do not buy an Electrolux Dishlex, it will let you down and too expensive to repair. We’re getting a Bosch to replace it. Date Purchased Aug 2013 1 like Share More Similar opinion. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au ! reenie Zilxie My brother has the published 2 years ago Was cleaning fine up until last night, just stopped working with no power. Should we just buy a new one. Has anyone else had the same thing happen. Brothers was the same model and it just stopped last week. Houses were built around the same time, about 4 to 5 yrs ago. Date Purchased Jan 2013 Like Share More Similar opinion.I have used strong glue to repair but still eventually breaks again. Terribly designed handle, puts too much pressure at a thin area when opening. Should never be made as a complete panel mould with handle included. Handle section should be seperate, so could cheaply replace new handle, as is a cheap dishwasher and shouldn't have to buy full panel just to replace handle. Never buy a dishwasher with handle design like this again. Date Purchased Sep 2015 2 likes Share More Similar opinion. Compare all Lisa Mandurah 8 reviews 7 likes Last time the technician came out he said this will be my last time here unless you pay.I said no way Charlie Brown I have the extended warranty.he then explained to me that the extended warranty only covers you up to a certain dollar amount and once you reach that figure (normally a of the total purchase price) then the extended warranty is finished regardless of time left to run.http://garantbouw.com/images/brookstone-sound-machine-manual.pdfso not only was the machine a LEMON - they get out of the warranty support too.NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER here. Date Purchased Apr 2015 Like Share More Similar opinion. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au ! Zanne Dishlex DX103SK dishwasher came with purchase. Dishwasher appears to wash well but the finish light doesn't come on unless I switch the washer off. It's guess work then as to when dishwasher is really finished. Can this be fixed?.After reading several reviews, I'm concerned as about the safety and longevity of this product. My previous dishwasher lasted 34 years!!! Date Purchased Oct 2015 Like Share More Similar opinion. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au ! diall 24 reviews 26 likes Not a great wash published 3 years ago Not sure how old mine is, as it was here when I moved in. Anyway, surely the handle could be better quality, or designed so that it is not a major replacement part and cost. I suppose the heat affected the plastic. Wash was OK on pots and pans settings, mediocre on other settings. Interior looks fine. I've always loved Dishlex, might buy another. Took old part off first to check I could do it, then. Read more ordered. To take it off, first, unplug dishwasher, socket might be in a nearby cupboard. Then remove 4 small screws along top inside of door, then 1 on each side. (Not the two larger screws on top holding in the door mechanism.) You will see the white control panel. Remove any screws holding it in, mine had one small screw at top, and one long screw further down. Then it needs to be unclipped from 4 clips in corners. The front knob came off when I pulled off the part, you might like to try removing knob first. Replacing with the new part was simple, and dishwasher now working perfectly. If renting, note the many hundreds of people already bought this part online, not counting the people who got theirs from a repairman, you might like to point out to your landlord that it is not your fault the dishwasher handle broke.https://www.mozartcantat.nl/wp-content/plugins/formcraft/file-upload/server/content/files/1628a5b391939e---canon-ir3080i-manual.pdf Date Purchased Jun 2012 1 like Share More Similar opinion. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au ! Brad QLD Dishlex 3 years ago Hi Brad, Zaida from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your DX103SK. Read more We would love the opportunity to discuss the concerns you have raised. Zaida Like Report Similar opinion. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au ! Melinda M Brisbane 4 reviews It's reasonably quiet and has always washed the dishes and glasses well. Our only disappointment has been that the plastic wheels on the bottom basket have broken and fallen off one by one so now it's nearly impossible to push in the basket if it's heavy and full of dishes. Date Purchased Jan 2012 Like Share More Similar opinion.No power at all. (Luckily we bought extended warranty) wasn't really happy with it when it was working. Wheels on bottom draw broke off. Not built as well as other brands but I guess you get what you pay for. Getting a LG this time with the extended warranty. Date Purchased Feb 2015 Like Share More Similar opinion. Compare all Yvonne Indooroopilly 2 reviews 2 likes I am a single guy and basically only use a dishwasher when I have guests. Plus I travel a great deal, so the appliance sits there doing nothing. I always wash my dishes before putting them into the appliance and I never put metal saucepans or baking dishes into the dishwasher (not that I have many of those - being a single guy). The original Vulcan Dishlex I purchased many years ago lasted me for 16 years. I only replaced it whe. Read more n the cabinet paint-work deteriorated. The DX103 is an import from Poland and it is starting to look to me to be a very poor quality product. I know a lot about these appliances because I worked in electronic product design for many years and the group I managed did a lot of work for the appliance industry - both in Australia and overseas.domainersuite.com/ckfinder/userfiles/files/bosch-mixer-instruction-manual.pdf In fact, my design group became the leaders in this field worldwide with total market dominance. The company is now part of a major US corporation. In any event, I called the Electrolux Service Centre only to be cut-off by the operator when I asked to be connected to a technical person to discuss the issue. So I called again and spoke with another operator. I explained how my appliance had only done a very limited number of cycles, and she was very helpful and suggested that perhaps the appliance failed because it wasn't used enough. To an engineer who has spent the major part of his working life in the design and manufacture of circuit boards, sub-components and assemblies - well let's just say I was not impressed. All up, Electrolux do a poor job of meeting their obligations under Australian Consumer Law and I am now seriously considering taking the matter further to court through the small claims judiciary service to prove a point and maybe force Electrolux to review their obligation when there is a known problem with a product. From my research on the web I expect Electrolux have had a lot of these boards replaced. I would be interested in hearing from other consumers who have this model appliance and have experienced a similar problem. Date Purchased Mar 2011 2 likes Share More 2 comments ELECTROLUX. Dishlex 3 years ago Hi Yvonne, Catherine from Electrolux here. Catherine Like Report Yvonne 3 years ago Hi Dishlex fans - or perhaps not. As you can see from my comments above and the response from Catherine at Electrolux, this matter is still active. Here is the update. I emailed Catherine at Electrolux as she suggested in her reply to my issues. Read more. The result. Nothing. So Catherine is probably just employed by Electrolux to monitor the Product Review website and do the public relations thing. There is no reply from Catherine and I provided my email and phone number. So Electrolux is doing nothing - as usual - after they have your money.https://www.communityheroesproject.org/wp-content/plugins/formcraft/file-upload/server/content/files/1628a5b4b5d8a5---canon-ir3300-manual-espa-ol.pdf I did some more research on the web about these dishwashers. Basically Electrolux should have recalled a lot more dishwasher than they have. The circuit boards are faulty across the range of Dishlex dishwasher (which are sold as other brands incidentally) and there are something like 300 incidents of reported fires from these appliances. In the USA Electrolux are fighting litigation where these dishwashers were not recalled and now the authorities are taking action against the company. In Australia, Electrolux have recalled several model appliances and it seems faulty parts may have also been installed in other models which have not been recalled. Basically, Electrolux dishwashers have major problems in the circuit board design and durability of same. So I am going to pursue this through the ACCC and the state electricity authorities to drive them into action and get Electrolux to disclose what they have done, what they know is faulty and possibly have many of these dishwashers recalled. If you own a Dishlex or Electrolux dishwasher, my advice is don't use it - it could catch fire or cause an electrical shock. Contact Electrolux in writing and ask for them to provide you with an indemnity against fire and electrical shock risk. If you don't get the indemnity in writing, then consider your other option of returning the appliance and seeking a refund. These appliances should never have been released to the market. Like Report Similar opinion. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au ! Dale Sometimes it would leave water marks on the dishes, and you'd always need to rinse and scour things by hand before putting them into the dishwasher otherwise they'd still be dirty when they came out. After about two years of operation, the error light started to blink intermittently. Sometimes the cycle would complete fine. Other times, it would error. There was no rhyme nor reason to why this would happen on some occasions but not others.http://gsoam.ge/wp-content/plugins/formcraft/file-upload/server/content/files/1628a5b5d4df57---canon-ir3230-manual.pdf It would get 99 of the way through the wash, then error. Might try a different brand next time. Date Purchased Mar 2014 Like Share More Similar opinion. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au ! Colean 5 reviews 4 likes I have used the machine on the eco cycle,the data puts the cycle time at 90 to 110 minutes. Date Purchased Jun 2015 Like Share More Similar opinion. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au ! craigwreid1 Sydney, NSW 22 reviews 14 likes Our guests frequently complained that dishes were left dirty more often than not. Would not recommend. Date Purchased Jun 2009 1 like Share More Similar opinion. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au ! Kate Perth 2 reviews I rang the 1300 number and was told it was an isolated incident which I see is definitely not true from current reviews on this model. The handle is flimsy. It should last the life of the washer. It has never had rough handling, only normal day to day use. Have never had this. Read more issue with other brands. From my experience from service and the dismissiveness of my complaint I would be very reluctant to invest in this brand again. Have written to customer care and had no response whatever to date. Would not recommend it to anyone looking for a new dishwasher. Date Purchased Oct 2014 Like Share More 3 comments Kate 4 years ago Follow up on above. Ben Hardman from customer care has Emailed me and Dishlex have promised to supply the part and pay for the technician to fix it (with receipt of date of purchase). Update when it is done. Like Report Kate 4 years ago Top section of door including handle replaced by a technician sent out by Electrolux at no charge. Happy with result. Tip: - When opening and shutting door put fingers right up into the inside of hand. Read more le where the plastic is stronger. The plastic is very thin on the handle and of poor quality.www.docutek-inc.com/upload/files/bosch-mitre-saw-manual.pdf Like Report Kate 4 years ago Tip:- when opening and shutting door put fingers right up into the inside of handle where the plastic is stronger. It'll start the cycle (any of them) and then after a few seconds the pumps will stop. The lights stay on but nothing else happens. I am out of ideas. Any suggestions? Like Share More 1 answer ELECTROLUX. Dishlex 4 months ago Hi Todd B Tania from Electrolux here. Wait till next week, when the sprayer arms block, the wheels on the dish trays all fall off and the door handle snaps. Keep tea towels handy. That machine is a shocker. Whether you love or loath being in the kitchen, our community of reviewers have determined that out of almost 5,000 appliances on ProductReview.com.au, these are the best available! Nathan S. Nov 01, 2019 Best Fridges and Dishwashers in 2020. These large kitchen appliances are the backbone of your kitchen, meant to last you many years. The initial cost of a fridge or dishwasher is high, so to make sure you're not buying a lemon, here are the best fridges and best dishwashers of 2020. Our reviewers have provided detailed ratings for important factors to consider when choosing a refrigerator or dishwasher, such as Noise Level and Internal Layout. Wendy Z. Nov 12, 2019 Listing monitored by Dishlex representatives. ProductReview.com.au has affiliate partnerships. It's an electronic model, from about 92 I think. The model I thought was B8557WW. It is very hard to see the model number because it's almost washed away. Is the model number maybe located anywhere else on the machine. Could there be a manual or circuit diagram hidden somewhere on (in) the machine. The fault is that it wont start. It reacts to some of the front buttons, and beeps, but not all, and not the start button. Before it stopped working completely, some o Is there a filter that should be changed out. I do not have the original owners' manual unless it is still attached to the back of the unit under the cabinet. Built-In Dishwasher Dishwasher When you put it on a cycle it does not allow water in the power light comes on and the dial moves but it does not fill up. Could you tell me where to get a manual from for this brand and let me know what the problem may be. Recently it has been stopping early in the cycle and the display shows -10. The selected program is flashing. I do not have the manual to trouble shoot and find out what this means. Your help would be appreciated. Regards. Peter H To get you the correct manual OR parts I need your model number and GEOGRAPHIC loca.It's an older model 8574 and we have no manual. Is it possible to get one somewhere. You may want to check eBay Australia or some other online r.I have a Bosch service manual that covers the S series of dishwashers though that specific model isn't listed in the manual I have.any Ideas as to why that model isn't listed in the manual It will then continue until the dry cycle is complete. Thanks!! I have the same problem. I took out the timer control and spraid it with contact clean Things come out with spots, film etc. We payed a lot of money for this piece of junk. Talked to Electrolux in Atlanta, have two repear men and they said that as long as the water is running the dishwasher it's good. REALLY! Then why we have to WASH THE DISHES BY HAND, after the dishwasher finish the cleaning cicle. Costumer service in Atlanta it's as good as this dishwasher. We'll make sure to send m It will then continue until the dry cycle is complete. Thanks!! If one of the two thermostats is bad, the Dishwasher will exibit the same symptom. The thermostats are 141 deg.Please help me with an answer. My dishwasher is 6 months old. My lady kenmore ultrawash dishwasher,665. I need a manual for my dishwasher You may have to call Whirlpool, thats who made this dishwasher and inquire with them. Im not finding it on any parts suppliers.Catriver..Can anyone point me in the right direction. I have searched the net to no avail. You can get the manual for that model here-.I used it once and the water won't drain, and they never left the manual.In all occasions it is important that your observation is most important and so is vital to t.Can't find the model number on dishwasher or manual. Had two flashing lights and referred to manual - indicates a blocked filter. All the other cycles work fine. Any ideas? Thank you! Problem can be a temporary malfunction, or a defective control module or keypad.The delicate (crystal) light flashing with last.New home purchase and this is the dishwasher in the home, previous owner did not leave manual. I have checked thepower.and reset the circuit breaker.then pushed the start button.the light comes on on the front of the washer like normal but no water starts filling. I have jiggled the anti water overfill device but still nothing. HELP. Like Share More 1 answer Jess 4 years ago Use a toothpick to remove bloc lag on the holes Like Report Steve asked 4 years ago DX103SK What panels do you need to remove on aDishlex DX103sk dishwasher to get to the drain hose clamp so that the hose can be replaced. Like Share More 1 answer Jess 4 years ago Remove both side panels and turn the dishwasher upside down. Then remove the bottom plate cover. Then go from there Like Report Linda Macguire asked 4 years ago DX103SK Hello my DX103SK is leaking some water, not a lot. In checking behind it seems to be on the right hand side of the machine (facing the machine at the front) any thoughts. Linda Like Share More 1 answer Jess 4 years ago Run the machine without soap. If it does not leak, it could be your soap causing too much suds. Like Report Miles asked 4 years ago DX103SK My Dishlex DX 103 dishwasher has randomly stopped working. Power supply to machine is ok. But the normal front red light is turning on and the machine won't start at all. Any clues what this could be. Maybe a fuse? If anyone knows the location of the fuse that would also be great. Many thanks. Like Share More 1 answer Jess 4 years ago Turn on the machine and press and hold the start button to reset the control module. Any ideas? Like Share More 1 answer Peter 4 years ago Hi my dishlex 103 has the same problem. Appears to finish the cycle but no finish light. When I open the door the finish light comes on. Like Report Dipal asked 4 years ago DX103SK My machine was working yesterday and not starting today. Power light doesn't turn on. Any suggestions? Like Share More 1 answer ELECTROLUX. Dishlex 4 years ago Hi Dipal, Michaels from Electrolux here. Electrolux will be able to assist you with this query. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Purchased Dishlex DX103SK 2ish years ago, obviously at the end of it's production run as it's now discontinued. Can the seal be replaced easily. Like Share More 1 answer Ben 4 years ago You can buy genuine dx103 door seal on eBay cheap as, or get them from the dish led spares website Like Report Jenlin asked 5 years ago DX103SK What is the dial on the inside left wall of the dishwasher for. There is nothing in the User Manual to explain it. Not happy as it is not that old. Like Share More 2 answers ELECTROLUX. Dishlex 5 years ago Hi Kerrie Avishek from Electrolux here Electrolux will be able to assist you with this query. Thanks Avishek Like Report Vanessa 5 years ago My dishlex does the same thing, lights up though doesn't turn on, I've made sure the racks are pushed in, door closed etc etc then it randomly starts for a few seconds then stops. Very disappointed, I also have the same issue as just about every other person here, Broken glass on the top rack. Like Report ptrivedi asked 5 years ago DX103WK I moved to a new house and I don't know how to use the dishwasher Can anyone help me with it. Dx103wk Like Share More 1 answer ELECTROLUX. Dishlex 5 years ago Hi Rumana from Electrolux here. It won't open more than a quarter. I can't see anything jamming it. Can you help? It's a Dishlex 6105w Like Share More 1 answer ELECTROLUX. Dishlex 5 years ago Hi Aunt Emerald, Nicole from Electrolux here. Regards, Nicole Electrolux Customer Care Like Report swissmocha asked 5 years ago DX103WK Our Dishlex dishwasher will not turn on. No lights showing. Have turned the power switch off and on. Unplugged and plugged in and tried different cords and power points. This is not very old. Only used for two adults. Stopped after doing the wash last night. Any ideas? Thanks Like Share More 1 answer Juz 5 years ago Hi Swissmocha, Have a read through the previous questions and answers, all basically the same. Unless yours is still under warranty then time for a new one:( Like Report rgellie asked 5 years ago DX103SK Model DX103, problem no lights at all and unit won't start, checked and there is power at power point. What should I do next. Like Share More 1 answer Juz 5 years ago Switch the power off at the powerpoint. Turn the dial to the 'off' position. Wait a few minutes and switch back on at the powerpoint. Turn the dial to any wash cycle and see if the lights come on then. If they do, try starting the wash cycle normally by pushing the 'Start' button. If this happens then the same old problem of the timer circuit board inside the machine has gone. If not under warranty still the unit will not be economical to repair - buy a new one. If no lights come on at all then it may or may not be the same fault and you will need a technician to look at it. Like Share More 3 answers Juz 5 years ago Contact Electrolux. Their employees usually lurk around these pages so hopefully one might answer you as well. If there is any dispute the retailer can have more influence than customers. Like Report BF1021 5 years ago Easiest way is to do a search on Ebay. I just bought one for my machine. Like Report Rupert Walsh asked 5 years ago DX103SK Hi We have the 103SK and it runs for about 5 seconds, and then just sits there. The usual lights are on, but it's going nowhere. Have tried pressing the cancel button for 5 seconds, which allows me to restart, but I keep getting the same issue. Any ideas Dishlex? Like Share More 2 answers Juz 5 years ago This sounds like exactly the same fault as most people have, but please correct me if I am wrong Electrolux. If Dishlex don't give you satisfaction, go to where you bought the machine. I had a Samsung dishwasher and service non-existent from them - had to rely on Good Guys. Like Report Harley asked 5 years ago DX103WK Hi, Perhaps Im doing some thing wrong. Can any one assist.please.My power indicator light is on, no other lights, and the machine just wont start. I have pressed the cancel button for over 5 seconds then turned the machine off. Selected my wash cycle again all to no avail.I didnt purchase this machine it was here when we moved in and some times it works and sometimes it doesn't. at present its not Like Share More 2 answers Juz 5 years ago Two things. First I would try turning the dial to the 'off' position, switching the unit off at the wall and unplugging it. Leave it off for an hour or so the plug it back in. Turn the dial to any wash setting and press 'start'. Hopefully this works. Since you have been having this problem intermittently i would say your problem is the latter. Nothing the average user can or should fix sorry as it is 240vAC and has dangerous voltages inside. Time for a new one just like us - except we won't ever buy one of these brands again. Hope this helps. Maybe one of the friendly Electrolux people who watch these reviews might help. Like Report ELECTROLUX.