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eiki projector service manual

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eiki projector service manualSee More EIKI-Projector-SNT-ENT-Service-Manual Published on Jul 27, 2011 In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or. See More filmmaker8.com Follow Advertisement See More Go explore. Please do not offer the downloaded file for sell only use it for personal usage. Looking for other manual? For this no need registration. May be help you to repair. You could suffer a fatal electrical shock. Instead, contact your nearest service center. Note! To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. In addition, Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. These free programs can be found on this page: needed progs If you use opera you have to disable opera turbo function to download file. If you cannot download this file, try it with CHROME or FIREFOX browser. Translate this page: Relevant PROJECTOR forum topics: SMD azonositasa SOT23, felirat M0Y (P-csatornas FET-et hasznalnak mas keszulekbe, MEGOLDVA) Sziasztok! Egy mediaboxban volt az alkatresz, az USB tapjat kapcsolta. A felirat egyertelmuen M0Y (nulla a kozepn), sot23-as tokban. P-csatornas FET-re tippelnek, de lehet ez bonyolultabb is (top switch), a tranzisztort kizarnam. Tudnatok segiteni egy adatlappal (esetleg mas keszulekben mi kapcsolja az usb-re a tapot)? Udv: Jacint Navon N 260 ROM keresese Udvozlet mindenkinek. Segitsegeteket kernem a kovetkezoben: volt kollegam elhozta hozzam NAVON N260 navigaciojat javitasra. Mivel kiszallo muszeresz napi szinten hasznalatban van. A problema a kovetkezo: a gep bekapcsolas utan lefagy. A Google segitsegevel kideritettem, hogy egy sd kartyara irhato ROM file frissiteni kepes a programot de sajnos csak N350 re talaltam ami fel is telepul de a kijelzot nem vezerli. Ha valakinek esetleg megvan biztonsagi mentesbol akkor legyen szives kuldje el. Ha valakit erdekel akkor az N350 et felrakom a tanyara. Elore is koszonom !http://www.asv-solnice.cz/_files/daikin-condizionatori-manuale-d-uso.xml

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Battery charger with EM78P41 IC Working on a speed charge battery maintainer for small engines battery. Heat sink had (2) S2025R T0-220 type components on it. Seems they are an SCR and I have 57 ohms on 1 and 3 pin, so seem they are short. Cant get these anymore but installed S4025R which seems to be better replacement. Before replacing, heat sink seemed to be really hot after replacng on on board 10 amp automotive slot type fuse, so seemed these SCR were bad, getting hot woth no load. Standby LED not lighting with new SCR's installed. Old ones did not have heat sink compound on them, so I used some to better transfer heat. I saw the input of the 7805 1 amp regulator IC has short, so removed it, and its not shorted, but the feed to it comes from the IC chip on board, a EM78P41 BWD20J. Data sheet for EM78P41 is online. They have pin 16 going to pin 1 of the 7805 regulator. Actual reading on pin 16 to ground is 2.5 ohms. I suspect this IC is shorted output. Is there chance to replace IC or is this repair finished. SMD Zener WL jelolese Sziasztok. Meg tudna valaki, hogy a WL jeloles hany voltos es wattos zenert jelol. Koszonettel: Attila Similar manuals: You can write in English language into the forum (not only in Hungarian). Carefully change this lamp by foll Eiki LC-XT3 replacing the lamp Kelvin Hong. It does not necessarily refer to the products we offer for the model Eiki LC-X85) Customer Support Eiki Projector Manuals.Reload to refresh your session. Reload to refresh your session. Co light dimmer model LD-35 Luminary 6-4 dimmer You will need one blank CD, one blank DVD, one USB memory drive, a DVD burner, DVD burning software, WinZip to unzip the file, as well as one heck of a solid and fast internet connection. THIS IS A 3.5 GIG DOWNLOAD. See the text file and the pdf file inside the zip archive for specific instructions. (3650.69 MB - ZIP).http://xn--2-7sbddqrtdw3be6jua.xn--p1ai/userfiles/daikin-central-remote-controller-installation-manual.xml Detailed illustrated service instructions, exploded views, circuitEX-2000-N Series except for Xenon lamp supply This is a reprint of 2Includes a detailed Parts ManualBoth manuals include detailedFull service and repair instructions, detailed exploded views andSound Projector Parts List This service manual provides the necessary information for the repairEX-300 SL II Series (serial numbers 3001 and up) except for XenonFully service and repair instructions, detailed exploded views andCovers the following EIKI Projector Models: NST-0, NST-1, NST-2. NST-3, NT-0, NT-1, NT-2, NT-3 and EX-2000-N series except for the. Xenon lamp supply. Illustrated with repair diagrams, exploded viewsIllustrated with repair diagrams, exploded views and a comprehensiveProjectors (1987) Service. Manual. Fully illustrated. Includes full parts listing, exploded views,Projectors (1987) Service Manual. Fully illustrated. Includes full parts listing, exploded views,For ordering information, goMap. A forum solely for film media.no digital! Non-film related discussions allowed only in optional designated area I am certain they are truly appreciated by many of our members as indeed they are by myself. Great work John thanks. LC-XG250L - Call for pricing - 4000 ANSI Lumens XGA LCD Projector PDF LC-XG250 Manual (pdf) Brightness of the projection lamp can be selected. We repair discoloration, power issues, and dim lamps for Eiki Projectors. While replacing the lamp can be done by the end user, it is important to realize that Eiki projector lamp replacements feature Eiki OEM factory original bulb and cage that shipped with the new projector. A second option is a version with the OEM bulb with a new cage. We have tried utmost care to make sure completeness of manual. EIKI Service Manuals. The quickest method for finding the service manual you need for your model is to use the Search Box above.https://formations.fondationmironroyer.com/en/node/11992 Navigate and Download Projector Manuals Eiki Projector Manuals Click on the projector model to download projector manual EIP-1 EIP-1600T EIP-2500. DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments.Eiki Projector Manuals.. Eiki Projector ESL Series. Eiki International Auto-Repeat Auto-Rewind Projector 16mm Sound Projector Owner's Instruction Manual. The full projector line-up page provides displays a list of all the projectors, currently available from Eiki International, Inc.Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. A full line of accessories from ceiling plates and structural adapters to power accessories and extension columns is also available. Thanks to our EIKI projector lamps. Select the model of EIKI projector, you are searching a replacement lamp for. Eiki LC-150 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Eiki LC-150 Owner's Instruction Manual. There are a number of people offering spares, inBut many parts for these machines are no longer available,With the demise of 16mm films as anThe main drive belt from motor to the main shaft,All shafts and moving parts shouldIf any of the shafts show a reluctance to move freely,The cork clutch isIf the cork clutch is notReassemble and retry. If still problemsAs a last ditch effort, remove allThere is a clutch on the pulley thatCheck and replace the belts ifAdjust the clutchIf particularlyFirst, remove the lens, and thenThe rubber sleeve can be removed from the other endEnsure the flywheel runs freelyThese items often pick up dust and particles from theSee also next item.http://acropolissa.com/images/casio-algebra-2.0-plus-manual.pdf If low voltage, it can be the exciter rectifierThis is very common and is generallyObtain a can of spray lubricant with anA line level outputThe projectorThe standard lensLenses were also available inEiki also made a zoom converter lens that screwed onto theThey also produced an anamorphic lens and bracketThis would present a 25 overload on the transformerFor some unexplained reason, I have found that if I buyFirstly remove the two screws near thePosition the transformerPartially unscrew the slotted screw in that shaftNow refit it and tighten the. LC-X71 LC-X71L (U.S.A., Canada, Europe) Give complete “Chassis No. ” f or par ts order or ser vicing, it is shown on the r ating sheet on the cabinet on the pro- jector. FOREW ORD F or your con venience, all ser vice par ts, identified in this man ual are availab le through Eiki’ s nor mal distr ibution chan- nels. In addition to ser vice par t number, the generic descr iptions hav e been given, where possib le, to allo w your ser v- ice technicians to substitute equivalent components which might be a vailab le from other sources. All orders f or ser vice par ts will be honored. Howe ver, in instances where gener ic components are considered to be av ailable from se veral common sources, as would be the case with an industr y standard fuse, resistor, or semi- conductor, it ma y be more economical and e xpeditious to purchase the par t locally. LC-X71 LC-X71L (LENSLESS) 1 2 3. 107 Summary of content (107 pages) Page 1 SERVICE MANUAL Multimedia Projector Model No. LC-X71 LC-X71L (U.S.A., Canada, Europe) ORIGINAL VERSION Chassis No. KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 LC-X71 LC-X71L (LENSLESS) Give complete “Chassis No.” for parts order or servicing, it is shown on the rating sheet on the cabinet on the projector. FOREWORD For your convenience, all service parts, identified in this manual are available through Eiki’s normal distribution channels. Primary side of the converter and lamp power supply unit circuit is connected to the AC line and it is hot, which hot circuit is identified with the line ( ) in the schematic diagram. For continued product safety and protection of personnel injury, servicing should be made with qualified personnel. The following precautions must be observed. If the abnormality occurs inside the projector, it will automatically turn off by operating one of the following protection circuits. ? Fuse The fuse is located inside of the projector. When either the LAMP indicator or the READY indicator is not illuminated, fuse may be opened. Check the fuse as following steps. It should be used the specified fuse as follows; Filter Board Fuse Fuse Part No. Page 6 Circuit Protections. Warning temperature and power failure protection The WARNING TEMP.Check the following possible causes and wait until stopping the TEMP WARNING indicator flashing. Possible causes - Air filter is clogged with dust particles. Page 7 Mechanical Disassemblies Mechanical disassemble should be made following procedures in numerical order. Following steps show the basic procedures, therefore unnecessary step may be ignored. Caution: The parts and screws should be placed exactly the same position as the original otherwise it may cause loss of performance and product safety. A 1 Cabinet Top removal 1 Remove 5 screws A, 2 screws B, and loosen 2 screws A C, and then take the Cabinet Top upward off. Page 8 Mechanical Disassemblies 3 Main Board removal 1 Remove 6 screws to take the Main Board upward. Page 9 Mechanical Disassemblies B 5 Lamp Ballast Unit removal B FN904 B 1 Remove 4 screws A to take the Ballast Cover upward off. 2 Remove 3 screws B to take the Fan (FN904) and the Fan mounting base off. 3 Remove 2 screws C to take the Fan (FN904) off from the Fan mounting base. 4 Remove the Sub Power Board and Drive Board by pulling them upward. A Ballast Cover A A A C C Sub Power Board Ballast Board Drive Board Fig. Page 10 Mechanical Disassemblies 7 Prism Base removal 1 Remove 2 screws A to take the Prism Base ass’y A upward off. 2 Remove 2 screws B to take the Lens Shift Motor and A Sensor SW Holder from the Base. B B Prism Base Ass’y Motor and Sensor Holder Fig.7 8 Power Board removal A 1 Remove 3 screws A to take the Power Board off. 2 Remove 4 screws B to take Holder off from the cabinet bottom. A Power Board A B B B B Power Board Holder Fig. B C B C Interlock Switch (SW902) A Filter Board Thermal Switch (SW905) D Holder Fig.9 10 Fans (FN901, FN902) removal A 1 Remove 4 screws A to take Air-duct Top off. Page 12 Optical Parts Disassemblies Before taking this procedure, remove Cabinet Top and Main Board following to the “Mechanical Disassemblies”. Disassembly requires a 2.0mm or 2.5mm hex wrench and a slot screwdriver. Projection Lens removal 1 Shift the Projection lens to the low end by the LENS SHIFT function. 2 Remove Cabinet Front-Top following to the chapter “Mechanical Disassemblies”. These glasses are mounted for R, G and B LCD panels respectively. B Holder Condenser Lens Fig.6-2 Condenser Lens Fig. Page 16 Optical Parts Disassemblies Locations and Directions Key No. When the optical parts in the optical unit mounting or assembling, the parts must be mounted in the specified location and direction as shown in figure below. When replacing the LCD panel, should be replaced whole of the LCD panels and prism ass’y at once. If not, the poor optical characteristics may degrade the quality of a projected image. Page 19 Lamp Replacement WARNING: ORDER REPLACEMENT LAMP Type No. Service Parts No. POA-LMP101 610 328 7362 - For continued safety, replace with a lamp assembly of the same type. - Allow the projector to cool for at least 45 minutes before you open the lamp cover. The inside of the projector can become very hot. - Do not drop the lamp module or touch the glass bulb. The glass can shatter and cause injury. Procedure 1 Turn off the projector and disconnect the AC cord. Polarized glass R G B Power Board Sub Power Board Board ? ? Main ? Contrast Adjustment. R-Contrast adjustment. G-Contrast adjustment. Note: Do not disconnect connectors K8L, K8X, K8D, K8G and K8E on the main board, because the projector can not turn on due to operate the power failure protection. Page 22 Optical Adjustments Condenser Lens adjustment 1 Turn the projector on by a state of without FPC cables. 2 Adjust the adjustment base of condenser lens ass’y to make color 3 uniformity in white. 1) If the shading appears on the left or right of the screen as shown in Fig.2-1, loosen 2 screws A with the 2.0mm hex driver, and adjust the slot B to make color uniformity in green by using a slot screwdriver. 2) If the shading appears on the top or bottom of the screen as shown in Fig. Page 23 Optical Adjustments Relay lens-Out adjustment 1 Turn the projector on by a state of without FPC cables. 2 Adjust the adjustment base of relay lens ass’y to make color uniformity in white. 1) If the cyan bar appears on the left or right of the screen as shown in Fig.4-1, loosen 1 screw A with the 2.0mm hex driver, and adjust the slot B to make color uniformity in white by using a slot screwdriver. 2) If the cyan bar appears on the top or bottom of the screen as shown in Fig. Page 24 Electrical Adjustments Service Adjustment Menu Operation To enter the service mode To enter the “Service Mode”, press and hold the MENU and IMAGE button on the projector at the same time for more than 3 seconds, or press and hold the MENU button on the remote control unit for more than 20 seconds. The service menu appears on the screen as follows. To adjust service data Select the adjustment group no.Page 25 Electrical Adjustments Circuit Adjustments CAUTION: The each circuit has been made by the fine adjustment at factory. Do not attempt to adjust the following adjustments except requiring the readjustments in servicing otherwise it may cause loss of performance and product safety. Input signal Video signal. Page 29 Electrical Adjustments Test Points and Locations. MAIN BOARD K47A K8R K8L IC5881 IC5891 IC801 K8E FAN2 K8D FAN1 IC4801 TP501 K25R TP503 K25G TP531 TP533 IC3402 IC1872 IC1871 TP563 TP561 IC1306 K8S K8J TPFN3 TPFN7 IC271 IC8072 K8P K8O - 29 - IC4811 IC4871 IC7801 IC9293 IC8062 IC291 IC1307 K1201 K8M TPFN4 IC7841 IC261 IC8052 K10A IC8071 IC3401 IC6751 IC9202 IC3231 IC8201 K10B IC8061 IC1421 K4401A K10C IC8051 IC7821 K47B TPFN6 K8N K4401B K1301 K25 Page 30 Electrical Adjustments Service Adjustment Data Table Group No. Page 31 Electrical Adjustments Group No. Page 32 Electrical Adjustments Group No. Page 33 Electrical Adjustments Group No. Page 34 Electrical Adjustments Group No. Page 35 Electrical Adjustments Group No. Page 36 Electrical Adjustments Group No. Page 37 Electrical Adjustments Group No. Page 38 Electrical Adjustments Group No. Page 39 Electrical Adjustments Group No. Indicators LAMP REPLACE Projector Condition yellow WARNING TEMP.Page 48 Chassis Description Power failure detection system Detection of Power failure The projector provides a protection circuit to prevent the secondary failure when the power failure, fans failure or temperature failure occurs on the projector.The further error information of the power failure and fan failure can be found out by using this function. Diagnosis procedure 1 Connect a RS-232C serial cross cable to SERIAL PORT IN on the projector and serial port on the PC. Page 51 Chassis Description Error history log The projector provides the error history log function. The description of the error code is listed on the table below. If this occurs, clean the inside of optical unit. Remove dust and other particles using air spray. If dirt cannot be removed by air spray, disassemble and clean the optical unit. Cleaning with air spray Disassembly Cleaning 1. Remove the cabinet top following to “Mechanical Disassemblies”. 2. Page 60 IC Block Diagrams. CXA7004R ? CXD3531R - 61 - Page 62 IC Block Diagrams. CXD3807 ? EDD2516 - 62 - Page 63 IC Block Diagrams. EM638325TS ? FA5502M Page 64 IC Block Diagrams. IDT70V24S15PFG ? Motor Drive LB1641, LB1645N. SP232 - 64 - Page 65 IC Block Diagrams. PW388 ? STR-Z2156A - 65 - Page 66 IC Block Diagrams. TA1370FG Divide ? TIC81592 - 66 - Page 67 IC Block Diagrams. TDA1517ATW - 67 - Page 68 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Product safety should be considered when a component replacement is made in any area of a projector. Components indicated by a.It is particularly recommended that only parts specified on the following parts list be used for components replacement pointed out by the mark. Page 69 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Note: Parts order must contain Chassis No., Part No., and Descriptions. Page 70 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Key No. Part No. Description Key No. Page 71 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Key No. Part No. C1681 403 C1682 403 C1683 403 C1684 403 C1685 403 C1701 403 C1702 403 C1703 403 RESISTOR R1664 401 R1665 401 R1676 401 R1678 401 R1679 401 R1681 401 R1684 401 R1688 401 R1689 401 R1690 401 COIL L1681 645 L1682 645 L1683 645 L1684 645 L1686 645 L1687 645 L1688 645 L1689 645 MISCELLANEOUS SC1691 645 SC1692 645 SC1693 645 SC1694 645 SW2001 610 Description Key No. Page 72 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Key No. Q264 Q266 Q2801 Q2803 Q281 Q282 Q301 Q302 Q303 Q304 Q5801 Q5827 Q5828 Q5833 Q5834 Q5851 Q5852 Q5853 Part No. Page 73 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Key No. Q801 Q802 Q8201 Q8202 Q9201 Part No. Page 74 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Key No. C1281 C1282 C1301 C1302 C1303 C1304 C1305 C1306 C1307 C1308 C1309 C1311 C1312 C1313 C1314 C1315 C1316 C1317 C1318 C1319 C1321 C1322 C1323 C1324 C1325 C1326 C1327 C1328 C1329 C1331 C1332 C1333 C1334 C1335 C1336 C1337 C1338 C1339 C1341 C1342 C1343 C1344 C1345 C1346 C1347 C1349 C1351 C1352 C1353 C1355 C1356 C1359 C1369 C1370 C1411 C1431 C1501 C1502 C1503 C1504 C1506 C1507 C1508 C1531 C1532 C1534 C1536 C1537 Part No. Q3004 Q3006 Q3007 Q3008 Q3009 Q3801 Q4001 Q4002 Q5003 Q5004 Q5007 Q5301 Q5302 Q5303 Part No. Page 90 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Key No. Part No. Page 91 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Key No. Part No. Page 92 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Key No. Part No. Page 93 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Key No. Part No. Page 94 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Key No. Q651 Part No. Page 95 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Key No. Part No. Page 96 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Key No. C6661 C6662 C6663 C6664 C6666 C6668 C6669 C6671 C6672 C6673 C6674 C6676 C6677 C6678 C6679 C6681 C6682 C6683 C6684 C6686 C6695 RESISTOR R6601 R6602 R6603 R6604 R6606 R6607 R6611 R6613 R6616 R6618 R6619 R6621 R6624 R6626 R6627 R6628 R6631 R6632 R6633 R6634 R6636 R6637 R6641 R6643 R6646 R6648 R6649 R6651 R6656 R6657 R6658 R6659 R6661 R6662 R6663 R6666 R6668 R6671 R6672 R6673 R6674 R6676 R6677 R6678 R6679 R6682 R6683 R6684 R6687 R6688 R6689 R6691 Part No. Page 97 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Electrical Parts List Key No. C1601 C1602 C1603 C1604 C1606 C1607 C1612 C1613 C1614 C1621 C1622 C1623 C1624 C1626 C1631 C1632 C1633 C1634 C1636 C1637 C1661 C1671 C1672 C1673 C1674 C1675 C1676 C1677 C1678 C1679 RESISTOR R1601 R1602 R1603 R1604 R1606 R1607 R1612 R1613 R1614 R1621 R1622 R1623 R1624 R1627 R1628 R1629 R1630 R1631 R1632 R1633 R1634 R1635 R1636 R1637 R1638 R1643 R1644 R1646 R1647 R1648 R1649 R1651 R1652 R1653 R1654 R1656 R1657 R1658 R1661 R1665 R1666 R1671 R1672 Part No. Page 98 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Mechanical Parts List Note: Parts order must contain Chassis No., Part No., and Descriptions. Page 99 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Mechanical Parts List Key No. Part No. Description Key No. CABINET PARTS 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 3 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 610 306 8985 ASSY,BUTTON-MR3B 610 324 4358 COMPL,STAND LEG-MA8B 610 303 2900 BUTTON ZOOM-MC3B 610 328 8208 CABINET TOP-KE6B 610 318 4081 CABINET FRONT SERVICE-ME5B (Including Key No.7) 610 321 8366 DEC SHEET RC-MA8B-A 610 318 4098 CABINET FRONT A SERV-ME5B (Including Key No. Page 100 KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 Optical Parts List Key No. Part No. Description OPTICAL PARTS 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 68 69 70 70-a 645 645 645 645 645 645 645 645 645 645 645 645 645 645 645 645 041 051 085 085 047 047 047 047 047 047 047 044 086 047 050 047 Key No. Please see “Optical Parts Disassemblies” for further instructions. LC-X71 LC-X71L KE6-X7100 KE6-X71L00 These schematic diagrams and printed wiring board drawings are part of the service manual original for chassis No. File with the service manual No. SS5110788-00. Note: All the information of part numbers and values indicated on these diagrams are at the beginning of production. Diode ? Diode K K K A A K K A K: Cathode A: Anode A A K K A A. If your projector shows a yellow, red, purple, or blue tint along all or part of your image, it needs to be professionally serviced. A discolored image means that there is an issue with the color wheel (DLP projectors) or polarizing plates (LCD projectors). If caught early on LCD projectors, this repair only requires cleaning, labor, and recallibration of the color module. If you wait too long, this repair involves replacement of the polarizing plates or prism assembly which can be quite expensive. Failure to do so on an annual or semi-annual basis can lead to dust within the optical section which will show up as dots or specks on your projector image. If the dots are a tinted color or hue, this means that the dust has settled on the color module, which means that the polarizing plates need to be cleaned (lcd projector) or the color wheel needs to be cleaned (dlp projector). Less commonly, this could also be a result of a damaged dlp chip (from being dropped or otherwise), or a damaged section in the prism assembly or optical block. In some cases, there may be damage to the internal circuit boards. This repair will involve pinpointing the cause of the problem, along with a thorough cleaning of hard to reach cooling channels. This is not a user serviceable repair. Depending on the make and model of the projector, a blinking status light may mean it’s time to replace the lamp, the projector is over-heating, or needs to be cleaned. If the status light is accompanied by a power-on issues, then this may be indicative of more significant issues such as main board failure, ballast failure, or needs replacement fans. On all projectors, this could be the result of damage to the prism assembly or optical block. High bulb hours will require a replacement of the bulbs in the unit. While replacing the lamp can be done by the end user, it is important to realize that the lamp is usually one of the last things that needs to be replaced. We recommend replacing bulbs after 3000 hours of use, which is well outside the annual use range for most recreational projector users. Often times, we receive calls from customers who have spent a few hundred dollars replacing their lamps, only to find that the lamp was not the cause of their discoloration, power on issues, or blinking status lights. Some projectors use more than one lamp, such as the such as the Sanyo PLC-Xf46, which uses 4. These OEM lamps have been known to cause power fluctuations, leading to power supply failure, ballast failure, or even main board failure.Try switching to a different input, for example, use your laptop to plug into the VGA or HDMI port you previously were not using. Make sure that your projector is on the right display mode. Sometimes, broken remotes or broken buttons on the projector will prevent you from switching to the correct input, so test these too. If you have confirmed that the projector’s hardware or software is the cause of your input issue, it is likely that the interface board may need replacement. Lenses are not repaired, but they are rather replaced. For schools and businesses using projectors, especially high brightness projectors, a good Preventative Maintenance schedule calls for a cleaning and re-calibration once a year. Churches and low hour users can usually get away with a semi-annual cleaning. As a result, we stand by our product. We repair all units we sell, cutting out the middle man and guaranteeing timely repairs. Ship orders to our Los Angeles Repair Facility. Page Count: 80 This Multimedia Projector is designed with most advanced technology for portability, durability, and ease of use. ThisThis projector has many useful functions suchUse the remote control as wired and wireless,Eight remote controlThe projector has the Multi-scan system to conformUp to UXGA resolution can be accepted.Digital zoom function allows you to focus on theThe Security function helps you to ensure securityThe Power management function reduces powerOperation menu is available in 12 languages. English, German, French, It alian, Spanish. Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Chinese. Korean, and Japanese (p.48).Through an optional Pj-to NetDirector, you canThe Logo function allows you to customize theRemote control pointer function. This functionLamp and filter maintenance functions provide forLamp Control. Brightness of the projection lamp can be selectedFilter Replacement Function. The projector monitors the condition of the filterThe projector has several interface terminals thatProjection lens can be moved up, down, right andFeatures and Design. Table of Contents. To The Owner. Safety Instructions.................Part Names and Functions.......... 10. Computer Input................... 34. Computer System Selection Video System Selection Front Adjustable Feet Connecting to Video Equipment (Video, S-Video) Turning On the Projector Input Setting Appendix........................ 64. Troubleshooting Each name of corporations or products in this book is either a registered trademark or a trademark of its respectiveBefore installing and operating the projector, read this manualThe projector provides many convenient features andImproper operation may result in not only shortening theIf your projector seems to operate improperly, read thisOtherwise it mayThe diagrams shownIf the projectorYour EIKI product is designed andThis symbol means that electrical andPlease dispose of this equipment at your local community. In the European Union there are separate collectionPlease help us to conserve the environment we live in!Do not set the projector in greasy, wet,Ne peut etre utilise dans une salle d’ordinateurs telle queAll the safety and operating instructions should be read beforeRead all of the instructions given here and retain them forThis projector should be operated only from the type of powerIf you are not sure ofFollow all warnings and instructions marked on the projector. Do not overload wall outlets and extension cords as this canDo not allow anything to rest onFor added protection to the projector during a lightning storm,This will prevent damageDo not attempt to service this projector yourself as openingDo not expose this unit to rain or use near water.