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employee induction manual template

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employee induction manual templateEmployee Induction Manual Published on Jul 16, 2019 This manual is designed to be used by any not-for-profit that employs people in its organisation. Please upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to improve your experience. Learn about i-Sight software today So if you’re stuck in a rut, gain inspiration from these 12 amazing employee handbook examples. Posted by Katie Yahnke on May 1st, 2018 The employee handbook (and the newer, cooler “culture code”) is a great tool for employees, new and existing, to learn the company’s mission, values and norms. The handbook lays out expectations about everything from the dress code to employee benefits to conduct policy. As a result, every employee handbook is unique to the company it represents. Still, many companies struggle with developing an effective employee handbook. But, with a growing importance placed on company culture, an ineffective handbook can be detrimental to the overall work environment. What Makes a Great Employee Handbook. A great employee handbook starts with a great outline. If you don’t have that yet, download our template. Writing a great employee handbook requires a thorough understanding of the company and its culture. But no matter the organization, all amazing employee handbooks share a few similar qualities. Informative, containing everything from a step-by-step guide to surviving your first day, to common policies and procedures that apply to staff for years to come. In fact, we made a list of 53 Things to Include in Your Employee Handbook. Easy (and enjoyable) to read. Swap out the jargon and run-on sentences with clearer, simpler wording. Designed to accurately represent the company. You don’t always need random pop-culture references or comics on every page. Keep it fun and light if that’s what appeals to your audience. Below are 12 amazing employee handbook or culture code examples to inspire you.http://oliviachang.com/uploadedfiles/dewalt-dw682k-biscuit-joiner-manual.xml

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(A star denotes a particularly great feature) Don’t gamble with your company’s investigation processes.Request your demo of i-Sight to find out how users are saving time, closing more cases, reducing risk, and improving compliance. Valve’s Employee Handbook was leaked in 2012, and since then it’s received praise from blogs, online magazines and social media personas. So, what is it about Valve’s handbook that entices people to actively seek it out. Why did this 56-page document go viral. Well, for one, there are plenty of hilarious illustrations throughout the book to keep readers amused, a stark contrast from what is often only page after page of legalese. Also, the handbook truly embodies their “Flatland” structure for which Valve is so famous: it’s easygoing, humorous and truly an enjoyable read. ? Fun to read Netflix’s company culture differs from Valve’s and, for this reason, their document trades colors for shades and playful humor for blunt statements. The text is direct and straightforward with tons of examples so that the reader knows exactly what being a Netflix employee is all about. ? Very informative Trello’s Employee Manual not only welcomes employees to the company in a creative way but also familiarizes new staff with the product they provide at the same time. Each list on the Trello board represents what would be a different section in the handbook, such as benefits, vacation, travel and miscellaneous items. Then, under each list, are all the policies and procedures relating to that topic. The board is mostly public except for a few links that redirect the employee to a private board containing the specifics on sick leave policy, vacation policy and sexual harassment policy. Several cards include funny photos of staff and animals, and they stick to light, easy reading by using mostly short bullet points. ? Creative approach Their goal was to create a document people would not only read, but enjoy reading.http://sudeoksa.com/userfiles/20200919233323.xml The comic book theme carries through from the superhero on the cover to the ads on each page that explain the different company departments. Then, to spice up the policies and procedures section, they turned it into a short story about a grandmother who explains the policy to her grandson. Zappos is famous for taking cultural fit so seriously that they actually bribe new employees to leave (by not taking the money and staying, the employee is really committing). This prioritization of cultural fit is evident throughout the employee handbook with photos of staff, quotes and real testimonials. ? Creative theme The company managed to create a document that’s easy-to-read and attractive to the eye without skipping over any of the important details. Their modern looking table of contents on the left side shows you exactly what you’re in for, and it’s perfect. A quick introduction to the company, a timeline of the first day, what to expect in terms of paperwork and HR programs, plus information about company policy. Yes, that looks like what all the other handbooks include but that’s just an overview.By separating the employee handbook into two parts, the company is able to check all the formal legal boxes in the first section and communicate Disqus’ culture and values in a fun way in the second section. Disqus’ Culture Book is available online as a 25-page PDF. The document covers lighter topics using things like images, memes, colors and graphs. For example, the Disqus at a Glance page uses a map to show office locations as well as an easy-to-read graph to illustrate employee growth over time. In addition to the fun layout, the text is written in a light and conversational way making it relatable and much easier to read. ? Very detailed Hubspot’s 128-slide document is filled with images and colors that keep the reader engaged.https://www.informaquiz.it/petrgenis1604790/status/flotaganis23052022-0217 The beautiful design also helps to explain necessary “boring” topics (such as intellectual property policies and open-door policies) in such a way that you don’t even realize you’re reading the policy. Plus, another theme that we’ve seen in the above examples is this conversational approach to writing. The goofy and playful culture of the company and staff shines when they say that not only do they commit to their mission and metrics, but they commit maniacally. The slideshow has accumulated hundreds of comments (and thousands of likes) praising it as insightful, inspiring and relatable. ? Unique approach The CEO and other senior leaders realized that EF is a playful place to work, and so they wanted the document to highlight the company values, expectations and goals for the future in a lively and light-hearted way. The document itself isn’t available online but the few pages available online showcase the colorful document, complete with short, conversational text and charming illustrations on the side. ? Creative theme Created on airmason.com, the handbook is a modern-looking website using tons of color and tons of space, making the wordy document much easier to read. The book formally starts off with a message from the CEO who explains that “this employee handbook contains the key policies, goals, benefits, and expectations of Sterling, and other information you will need”. The document also communicates how modern and fresh Sterling is by using iMessage chats to answer FAQs. ? Creative layout Zaarly’s document is thorough and comprehensive like an old school employee handbook but also beautiful and humorous like a new school culture code. The document portrays the fun company culture with jokes, puns and lighthearted text. Zaarly’s handbook is detailed and informative and includes all necessary sections (introduction, preface, office rules, organizational structure, values and departments). And, they manage to do this without sacrificing humor. ?https://www.merzigerbrauhaus.de/images/a-booteable-usb-manual.pdf Creative layout Motley Fool opted to keep the writing concise, using mostly short sentences and bullet points but with links for further reading sprinkled throughout the slides. The handbook touches on most of the important sections: company purpose and values, policies, the business model, employee benefits and culture. The handbook finishes by checking one of the most important legal boxes: a quick note stating that the rules are not a part of an employment contract and are subject to change without notice. ? Fun to read They’ve checked all the boxes from bereavement leave to minimum working age to 401(k) plans. What’s especially great about Dollar General’s company handbook is that it’s available online and there’s a really handy search feature on the top. Employees who are looking for something specific can find it instantly. The most important part of a good employee handbook is that it accurately represents the company to which it belongs. Sometimes, this means fewer jokes, fewer puns and fewer memes. Dollar General’s handbook is comprehensive and a pristine example of a safe, secure and well-done employee handbook. ? Comprehensive Learn how to conduct effective Human Resources investigations with case management software in our free eBook. Katie Yahnke Marketing Writer Katie is a former marketing writer at i-Sight. She writes on topics that range from fraud, corporate security and workplace investigations to corporate culture, ethics and compliance. 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It gives the new employee an introduction to their workplace, job role and ensures they understand and acknowledge important workplace policies and procedures. In todays world, its expected this be in an online format. Here's the common items to include in your online induction pack and templates and design tips for creating an induction pack.What was the point? you need to present everything in a meaningful format that the new employee will actually read and understand as well as digitally record acknowledgement that they did so.Create chapters on each topic that cover the high level important basics that they need to acknowledge and walk away with understanding in full.Someone might see the word Social Media Policy and assume they already know what it means based on their last work place but the meaning may be very different (i.e. no social media allowed versus a previous workplace where it was). Make sure to present the meaning in clear ways that can be easily understood. An online format helps with this.Contacts change and move departments, policies change and evolve, workplaces change. When using an online induction pack, its much more easy to implement and update changes. The induction pack should grow as your organisation grows.Give them a welcome, background and proper team introduction.Get the paperwork out of the way by putting it online. All HR and payroll forms can be completed or accessed online, centralised in one place for the new employee to access, download, sign and provide to you, before they start their first day at work.We've got all the induction pack templates you need in order to hit the ground running with a fast and quality induction pack specific to your workplace or industry. The best part is that you can tweak or update your induction pack to be as customised and specific to your organisation as you like!You can opt out any time. Privacy Policy. It details suggested subject headings to be included and suggested words for some sections in order to help guide you as to what you need to include. Free to download and use.Microsoft Word format. OpenDocument Text (ODT) format. If you have a question about your individual circumstances, call our helpline on 0300 123 1190. We cannot respond to questions sent through this form.Please do not include any personal details, for example email address or phone number. If you have a question about your individual circumstances, call our helpline on 0300 123 1190. We cannot respond to questions sent through this form. Staff induction training or “on-boarding”, forms a pivotal part in this process. Ideal for any HR Manager designing an induction programme. As a result, it is helpful to break the content into three core phases. Hence, these will vary in duration depending on what previous experience the new team member has of the organisation: For example, topics might include:For example, which people to meet for help and support. In addition, consider the best approach to gain an understanding of the core values of the organisation and the way it operates. For example, what are their key objectives or goals? This will highlight what a new team member will need to know. As a result, the new team member can then drive the process. However, you do need to be careful that you don’t overload the new member of staff with too much information early on. For example, an induction programme for an experienced team member who is going on secondment to another department will only need to focus on phase two of the induction process, i.e. the job and department. In addition, we would also recommend that the new team member is given some relatively easy to achieve job objectives. As a result, this will help them to contribute quickly and develop their value to the business and the team they are working with. Here are a few examples of different formats: This might include: However, take care that the information provided doesn’t become out dated too quickly. This helps make the process more fun, interactive and interesting, as the online learning often includes video footage and audio clips. Hence, companies are becoming more inventive with the medium of learning, as a greater range of technology becomes available to us. In addition, consider what role they will play within the programme. This approach usually proves helpful for everyone concerned. Then agree and clarify the role they take on, with them. For example, it could include but not be limited to: In addition, it will ensure that your organisation has a training record of the new team member’s learning. For example, a good guideline for these timings is: Kim has 30 years training and HR management experience in the Retail, Hospitality and Pharmaceutical industry. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok. It's about the basicsSee also love and spirituality in organisations:The starting point is actually putting these fundamental life-forces on the workplace agenda. Employers have a formal duty to provide new employees with all relevant information and training relating to health and safety particularly. Even if head office or another 'centre' handles induction training - you must make sure it's planned and organised properly for your newEmployees who are not properly inducted need a lot more looking after, so failingErr on the side of caution - ensure people are looked after properly and not left on their own to work things out unless you have a very specific purpose for doing so, or if the position isParticipation and 'GAAFOFY' methods (Go Away And Find Out For Yourself) can be effective, particularly for groups and roles which require a good levelNecessarily, induction training will have to include some fairly dry subjects. So, anything you can do to inject interest, variety, different formats and experiences will greatly improveThis is part of making the job more meaningful for people - making people feel special and valued - and the sooner this can be done the better. So please give some thought to your own special skills and unique potential that you'd like to develop (outside of your job function), and if there's a way for us to help with this, especially if we see that there'llDemonstrating a true investment in people - as people, not just employees - greatly increases feelings of comfort and satisfaction among new-starters. It's human natureConducting a learning styles assessment also helps the induction trainer to deliver induction training according to people's preferred learning styles. Free examples of training feedback forms and induction training feedback formsHave them create and deliver sessions, do demonstrations, accompany, and mentor the new starters wherever possible. This can be helpful and enjoyable for the existing staffWhen involving others ensure delivery and coverage is managed and monitored properly. Relationships and contacts are the means by which organisations function, get things done, solve problems, provide excellent service, handleMeeting and getting to know other people are essential aspects of the induction process. This is especially important for very senior people - don't assume they'll take care of this for themselves - help them toCertain job roles are likely to be filled by passive introverted people (Quality, Technical, Production, Finance - not always, butDon't assume that a director will automatically find their way to meet everyone - they may not - so design an induction plan that will help them toConsider this an induction checklist - not an agenda. This checklist assumesHence the departmental tours and personal introductionsOrganisations depend on its people being able to work together, to liaise and cooperate - these capabilities in turn depend on contacts and relationships. Well-planned induction training can greatly accelerateThe aim is to give them exposure to a wide variety of experiences and contacts, before the pressures of the job impact and limit their freedom. AsThis aspect of induction is particularly important for technical personalities and job roles, who often are slower to develop relationships and contacts within the organisation. This means things need to be planned well in advance because the plan will necessarily involve other people's time andDepending on the needs of the situation the induction training plan may extend over a number of weeks, progressively reducing the pre-arranged induction content, as theA schedule is also a useful method for circulating and thereby confirming awareness and commitment among staff who will be involved with the induction of the theAnything you can do to make their lives easier will greatly help them to settle in, get up to speedThe use of this material is free for self-development, developing others, research, and organizational improvement. Please reference authorship and copyright of material used, including link(s) to Businessballs.com and the material webpage. Disclaimer: Reliance on this material and any related provision is at your sole risk. Businessballs Ltd assumes no responsibility for any errors or damages arising as a result of use. Company registered in England No. 02353386. It contains information about company policies and procedures, rules, codes of practices, and simple explanations of employment law. However, it is an easy way for employees to understand what is expected of them in the workplace. It also eliminates the risk of a misunderstanding causing conflict later on. They clearly explain the rules and guidelines, along with the expectations of their behaviour and performance in the workplace. An introductory handbook is a welcoming gesture enabling them to become accustomed to their new company. Staff handbooks should be available as a free resource at all times in the workplace. Although, the information in employee contracts and handbooks should also be consistent and easy to understand. Employers should think carefully about the kind of achievable policies and procedures during the company’s day-to-day activities. This may occur as the result of new technology being adopted, updates to New Zealand workplace legislation or changes in the culture of the company. Auckland 201- 500 employees While the population varies from the non-dri. It includes all of the key areas that must be covered during induction training. There is an employee declaration form at the back which should be signed by the employee and used as proof that all relevant induction and orientation information has been read and understood by the employee. Click here. By creating a tailored induction program for new staff, they will feel more comfortable in their new surroundings and have a better understanding of your business and expectations of their role. To ensure the induction program is successful, create a checklist that specifies all the documents and information new staff will receive on their first day of the job. It’s considered best practice to give the employee plenty of written material they can reference later to refresh their knowledge. On their first day, give new staff a guided tour of the workplace and introduce them to other team members. If possible, appoint one or two team members as a main point of contact for new staff, so they can rely on them for help or advice. Some people take longer than others to open up and feel comfortable in their new surroundings. For this reason, the above activities should be spread out over several days, so the employee doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Give them the chance to raise any concerns that have come up and discuss them in confidentiality. Fill in the form below and one of our experts will contact you back. It’s important for employers to use good hiring processes, and for everyone to follow minimum rights and responsibilities. This section provides help in some key areas. Good induction sets the tone and expectations for the employee’s relationship with their manager and the organisation, and helps an employee understand the purpose, functions and tasks of their job so they can perform at their best. Sometimes too much information all at once can be hard to take in and retain. Responsibility for induction Managers or supervisors are usually responsible for the induction of their new employees, but others are often included at different points in the process, for example, a senior manager or the chief executive might give a presentation on the history, functions and services of the organisation to a group of new employees. Larger organisations might run induction programmes with lots of new employees from around the organisation. In all cases, the manager or supervisor and the employee should confirm expectations of how they will deal with each other and touch base at the end of the first day and from time to time to see if the employee has any questions and follow-up on any issues. Pre-induction Managers or supervisors need to think about what the induction programme will involve well ahead of the employee's start date. They should also use this time to make sure that there is a workspace properly allocated and set up ready for their arrival. This may include such things as desk phone, IT equipment, safety equipment and tools, uniform, space in company-provided transport Induction programme A good induction programme will be specific to the organisation. It should cover information about the organisation, the job, and employee rights, responsibilities and benefits. A good induction process helps new employees settle in quickly and feel like part of the business. To help new employees feel welcome try to have time set aside or arranged for someone to spend time with them for the start of their first day, and have a desk or workspace in place and set up. They will appreciate the support, and your business will benefit. First impressions last, so make the first days on the job a positive experience. Induction information Induction information can be given through a mix of: It could include a follow-up once the employee has had a chance to settle in; this is so that the employer can answer any questions or difficulties the employee might have and make sure that the employee hasn’t developed bad habits by incorrectly doing tasks. What induction programmes must include. Make sure the employee has the necessary knowledge and experience to do the job without causing harm to themselves or other people. If they don’t have enough experience, have an experienced person supervise them. Even if they have used the equipment before, ask to see their certificates and check that they are using equipment properly. They will perform best when they have the right skills, know what they’re supposed to do and how their role affects the business as a whole. They will also advise ACC that you have become an employer. What induction programmes often include Give them a copy of the contact details to keep at home. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.A written employee handbook gives clear advice to employees and creates a culture where issues are dealt with fairly and consistently.This usually involves providing a human resources manager or other designated employee completed income tax withholding forms, providing proof of identity and eligibility for employment (in accordance with the U.S. Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 ), proof of a completed drug test (by a designated medical center) and other required forms. This area may also include information about daily breaks (for lunch and rest). Usually, new employees are awarded some benefits, plus additional rewards (such as enrollment in a 401K retirement account program, additional vacation and pay raises) after having worked for a company for a certain period of time. These are spelled out in this section. If the employer is covered by the U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 - generally 50 or more employees - a handbook usually contains information about FMLA and often includes specific policies for parental and medical leave. These sections include conduct policies for such areas as sexual harassment, alcohol and drug use, and attendance; plus, grounds for dismissal (i.e., getting fired, laid off ) and due process.This area usually includes information about releasing employee records and information, as well as who may retrieve and inspect the information. At many larger companies, a revised handbook comes out annually or at other regular intervals. It is recommended that handbooks be updated regularly as laws and regulations change.This is an attempt by employers to protect themselves from liability if a policy changes and the employee is not explicitly notified about the change. If a company chooses to publish its handbook in multiple languages, each version should be updated concurrently.As an example, many US states have specific laws that go above and beyond federal laws. Because of this, a New Mexico employee handbook should not be used in California. In the US, California is the state with the highest number of regulations that go above and beyond federal law. Companies operating there usually have special content for California employees. Other states that will typically require special content are New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Connecticut, Washington DC, and Texas.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To make sure you have the right policies in place, talk to an employment lawyer.