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In short, an exposition is something in between a dictation and an essay: a ready-made text must be perceived, comprehended, and reproduced. Since the teacher gives detailed instructions for writing a paraphrase, we will not describe the whole process step by step, but concentrate on the most problematic points. What is worth remembering? Read more here: https://studybay.com/custom-paper/

9 tips on how to write a high-grade essay
Keep your ear to the ground
Take a pair of pens or pencils to class and stay focused. This will prevent you from possible fails: getting distracted and listening to a piece of text, not having time to make notes because the rod in the pen or a broken pencil ran out.

Don't forget about the specifics of an exposition
Essays can be test and instructional, detailed and brief. It can be a text-narrative, description or reasoning. So pay attention to the conditions for writing an essay. If the teacher asks you to write a detailed summary, try to remember or write down the fine details, preserve the author's constructions and direct speech. When you need to write a brief statement, do not get hung up on the details, try to convey only the most basic, revealing the theme and idea of the text.

Follow teacher's instructions
Don't ignore the teacher's instructions if you want a high score. Listening to the text, imagine it in your head in the form of images, participate together with everyone else in making a plan of the text, do not write during the first reading, do not rush to transfer the text to the scribble, until such a command was given.

Leave blank lines in your draft.
Since you won't be able to write the whole text at once during the second reading, leave a lot of empty space on the draft - you'll write the missing information there later.

When taking notes, don't write down long words in full, abbreviate them. But don't overdo it, so you can figure out for yourself what you wrote down.

Make use of every minute.
Don't be distracted by extraneous matters, but use the time you're given efficiently: finish the abbreviated words in your draft, absorb the content. Remember: the topic of the text is revealed in micro-themes - paragraphs. Therefore, try to write the first sentence of each paragraph, which is the thesis that unfolds in the following sentences.

When in doubt, substitute.
Underline the words whose spelling makes you doubt. Mark sentences where you've placed punctuation marks, but you're still not sure. Remember that the statement gives you the right to choose. Don't know how to spell a word correctly? Replace it with a synonym or omit it (if the meaning doesn't change). Don't know what punctuation marks to put? Paraphrase the sentence.

Double-check yourself.
A text is a single semantic whole. That means all of its parts must be connected to each other. Reread the draft at least twice. Thought doesn't jump around, everything is easy to grasp? Is the theme and main idea revealed? Consequently, you have written the text well.

Remember the paragraph.
Having paragraphs is an essential part of an expository text. Be sure to check that you have kept their boundaries everywhere. The number of paragraphs should not be less than the number of paragraphs in the outline.

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Really helpful for my studies

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