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How not to write a research paper:
1) First, never make a plan for your work. Your work should develop spontaneously, surprise you with a change of action and logic. Decide that you will write it under the influence of emotions, full of excitement. Only such a work will be good to read.
2) You should not spend much time on research. It is better to use it for watching your favorite series. Besides, if your paper is supposed to surprise you, you cannot precede writing with previous research of the material. It makes no sense! You don't want your promoter to get bored while reading it, do you?
3) Holidays, vacations, dean's hours and weekends, all these days are a time for rest! Writing a paper during this period should be severely punished. And believe it, there are those who come to the promoter after holidays with a finished chapter! You have nothing because you rested properly, and they put you in a bad light!
4) Try to write when you have the energy. Otherwise, your work will sound insincere. Forcing yourself to write won't help. You won't be able to focus, and you'll only stress yourself out. Really, it's not worth it. Once you get the urge, you won't be able to tear yourself away from the keyboard!
5) It is also not currently recommended that you follow any guidelines on the form of your paper. Not even those given to you by your supervisor. Think about it. 20, 50 or even 100 people will submit a paper in the same form. You don't want to be so mainstream, do you? Show the promoter that you can do better than that! Show some creative invention, choose an unusual font, change the layout of the margins, use colors! This is supposed to be your work. Express yourself in it!
6) Surprise the promoter. Make him/her a little angry with you. You can't visit him too often and answer his emails too quickly. Your relationship will then become monotonous, and it's only a step to separation. Another time you bring him a freshly baked cake, he will be happy. Such an emotional sinusoid is necessary to maintain a healthy relationship.
7) Deadlines are a crock! Come to think of it, no one has died from crossing them yet, so what's the deadline? Nothing will happen if you send a chapter or a whole paper a little later. It's even better. You'll stand out from the other students, which may come in handy during your defense.

As you understand, the tips above are written to make you laugh and feel relaxed. Because to write a proper and successful work you need not only study, but also take moments for yourself and rest. The real tips how to write a research paper you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kClYN-aHDcA. Good luck with your research paper!

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